Cake-Muffin-Brownie Recipes


Basbousa - Semolina n Rose Syrup Cake

Banana-Walnut Fluffy Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake(Molten)

Chocolate n Strawberry Heart Cake

Chocolate Banana Bread or Cake

Coconut-Poppy Seed Cake

Cranberry Orange & Pecan Bread

Chilled Strawberry Cheesecake

Eggless Wheat-Flour SpongeCake

Espresso & Kahlua Brownies

Hazelnut-Mocha Coffee Cake

Layered Coffee Cheesecake

Low-Fat Strawberry-Vanilla Cake

Marbled Cream Cheese Brownies

Mango Truffle Cake

Mango Cake with Streusel Topping

Mini Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Mixed Berry Pavlova - Meringue Cake

No-Bake Mini Cheesecake - Orange & Pistachio

Pear-Almond Yogurt Cake

Persimmon-Choc Spice Cake

Peach-Cream Sandwich

Raspberry Jelly Swiss-Roll Cake

Sour Cream Raspberry Brownies

Raspberry-Coconut Breakfast Cake

Tres-Leches Milk Cake

Traditional Vanilla Cake

Spiced Apple Bread


Apricot-Ginger & Cranberry Muffins

Chocolate Spider Cupcakes

Chocolate Muffins with Strawberries

Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Cream Sauce

Low-Fat Blueberry Muffins

Molten Cupcakes with Raspberry Filling

Spiced Vanilla Tea Cupcakes

Savoury Paneer & Tomato Muffins

Vegetable Cheese Muffins

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