Game Night Party Recipes - The Roundup!

This was a really fun event to host, and I'm so happy I did it because it gave me so many new ideas for easy, quick and tasty recipes that are not just great for a game night, but for any night that you need to cook something delicious in a jiffy! This roundup is a great compilation of finger-foods, and as the delicacies come from many regions in the world, most of them are fusion dishes, which makes it even more worthwhile! An extra thanks to all the meat-lovers who made something vegetarian specially for this event:) I know Super Bowl is incomplete without beer and beef, but I'm sure some of the samplers in this roundup will be a great addition to any party! So, let the games begin!!

I'm simply posting the recipes in the order that I received the entries!

Eggplant Rolls - Kopiaste (Ivy)
Veg Pizza on a Pita with Cilantro Hummus - Fun and Food (Mansi)
Vegetarian Quesadillas - Archana's Kitchen(Archana)
Santa-Fe Wraps and Bruschetta - Finger Licking Food (Namratha)
Tea-Tinged Truffles - One Hot Stove (Nupur)
Polish Wafer Dessert - Coffee & Vanilla (Margot)
Tropical Fruit Punch Lemonade - Fun and Food (Mansi)
Stir-Fried Sweet Potatoes - For the Cook in Me (Nags)
Colorful Fruit Kabobs - Passionate About Baking (Vindee)
Nutty Sabudana Khichdi - As Dear as Salt (Richa)
Candied Spiced Cashews - The Well-seasoned Cook (Susan)
Crunchy Orange Salad - Konkan World (Maya)
Fried Green Gram Munchies - Simply Spicy (Pravs)
Savoury Muffins with Tomatoes and Paneer - Fun and Food (Mansi)
Spicy Eggplant and Mango Jello - Siri's Corner (Siri)
Cheese Garlic Bread - Cooking For all Seasons (Srivalli)
Veg Puffs - Hunger Pangs (Rajitha)
Soy Burgers - Culinary Bazaar (Dhivya)
Roasted Veggie Garlic Bruschetta - What's For Lunch Honey (Meeta)
Duvec-A Serbian Dish - Palachinka (Marija)
Apple Zeppole and Spicy Mocha - Superchef (Manju)
Carambola(Star fruit) Drink - Tastes Like Home (Cynthia)
Garlic-Rosemary and White Bean Dip - Bacon and Rhubarb (Rachel)
Baked Olives - Nourish Me (Lucinda)
Veg Grilled Sandwiches - Fun and Food (Mansi)
Cereal Chewda - Jugalbandi (Bee and Jai)
Vegetable Vadas - Simple Indian Food (Easycraft)
Puffed Rice Chewda - Chandrabhaga (Anu)
Fried Potato Skins & Chilli Sauce Dip-Rosie Bakes a Cake(Rosie)
Mini Savoury Tarts - Passionate About Baking (Vindee)
Potato Salad - Kalofagus (Peter)
Apricot-Cranberry Muesli Bars - Lemonpi (Y)
Southern Hush Puppies - Aroma (Asha)
Corn Sundal - Monsoon Spice (Sia)
Swiss Chard Omelette - Rosa Jackson (Rosa)
Onion Fritters - Chef at Work (Arundhati)
Seasoned Veggies in Triple Sauce - Spanish Recipes (Nuria)
Cheese Puffs - Lisa's Kitchen (Lisa)
Cinnamon Biscuit - Jeena's Kitchen (Jeena)
Spanish Mushroom Tapas - Simply Gluten Free (Carol)
Baked Samosas - Sherly's Recipes (Sherly)
Mung Bean Cutlets - My Diverse Kitchen (Aparna)
Idli-batter Vadas - Masala Magic (Latha)
Jhatpat Appey - Dhivya's Kitchen (Dhivya)
Mini Cheesecake - TableBread (Lewis)
Dabeli - Let's Cook Something (Bhandaris)
Chapati-style Quesadillas - Red Chillies (RC)
Maddur Vada - Taste of Mysore (Lakshmi)
Boiled Peanuts - A Suitable Spice (Minti)
Carrot and Ginger Appe - As Dear as Salt (Richa)
Masala Vada - Recipes and More (Deepa)
Artichoke and Olive Frittatas - Thyme for Cooking (Kate)
Garlic-Parmesan Flatbread - My Randap (Seema)
Falafel Hummus and Yoghurt Dip - The Green Peacock (Alpa)
Moong-dal Fritters - Possibilities in Life (Vimmi)
Black-eyed Peas Snack - Pallavi's Foodblog (Pallavi)
Carrot Kheer - Fusion (Renuka)
Gorgeous Grubs - Green Gourmet Giraffe (Johanna)
Baby Potatoes in Tamarind Sauce - Mane Adige (Ramya)
Tofu Pakoda - Pallavi's Foodblog (Pallavi)
Veggie Quesadilla and Avocado Salsa - Samaithu Paarkalaam (Kalai)
Pizza alla Zucca - Italian in the US (Marta)
Marinated Party Cheese - Catch the Spoon (Danielle)
Sev-puri and Mirchi Bhajji - Snackorama (Hima)
Simple Bruschetta - Recipes and More (Deepa)
Mini Pizzas - What's Cooking (Ben)
Bruschetta and Crostini - Foodblogga (Susan)
Argula-Sun-dried Tomato Pizza - From Our Home to Yours (Cris)
Almond and Pistachio Ice-cream Pie - Fun and Food (Mansi)

Wow, that was one heck of a roundup, and thanks so much to everyone for indulging in my veg finger-food hunt!! If I'm missing someone, please email me your entry again and I'll include it here. These are all wonderful recipes, and I'm really feeling sad that I didn't have enough time to write a personal note about each of them!! So, as a means of appreciation, I'm going to give all of you a FREE GAME as a Gift from me for your Game Nights!:)

1. Print this post in color printer (use smart web printing) for each of your guests
2. Take a stopwatch and set the timer to 1 minute (that's how long I took to finish it!!:))
3. Ask each participant to match the recipe with the picture in the grid above
4. The first one to do it under the 1 min mark wins, and you can give them a big hug, as well as a free recipe printout from "Fun and Food"!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Get the party rolling, and may the best man win!

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Siri said...

Mansi- Love ur RoundUp.. and the game too.. :D

~ Siri

Anonymous said...

oh boy! I hope our host for super bowl reads this roundup (actually I'm going to email this link to her:)) whatever she chooses to make from here, I'll be ahppy!!:D

nice roundup Mansi!


Anonymous said...

this is precisely what I was lookign for my vegetarian super bowl get-together:) yippee!!


Seema said...

Lovely Round up Manasi. Great recipes!

Nupur said...

Thanks for a great round-up, Mansi! Lots of delicious ideas here...

FH said...

WHOA!!! That is one cool and HUGE round up! Good job Mansi, thanks. Gald you posted them before Super Bowl, now relax and enjoy the game.Hugs. I am off until Monday!:))

bee said...

all these recipes are keepers. thank you.

DK said...

that was a great round up and this page is bookmarked!

Richa said...

wow! so many to choose from this wknd!
enjoy the game & the eats :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome roundup! cool recipes. Thanks for all your effort Mansi!

Anonymous said...

that's like a veggie-lover's appetizer paradise!:) thanks for the idea mansi!:)


Mansi said...

hey everyone! thanks for all your efforts, witout which there would be no event, and no roundup!:)

Anonymous said...

whoa!! that looks awesome!!! this post so made my day, and right in time for Super Bowl!:) we ahve some vegetarian friends coming over and these would be wonderful! I'm so glad I found your site:)


Anonymous said...

Great Roundup mansi! I love the collage of the pictures, and all the recipes look fabulous:)

Good Job!!


Kalai said...

Awesome collage of pics, Mansi. Man, oh, man. That is some huge roundup! It should definitely help everyone with their parties this weekend. :)

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Great round up to a successful event!
Maybe you should put this up as a link on your page. This would serve as a sort of ready reckoner for someone looking for alist of easy to make vegetarian snacks.

Johanna GGG said...

thanks Mansi - what a great list to browse through and I love the games idea - it just shows that bloggers, despite some comments I get about cooking being too difficult, can do simple as well as complicated

Srivalli said...

rocking round up mansi...great effort...hence forth you never need to worry for snacks

Mansi said...

Thanks folks! this roundup is definitely for keeps, and I'm glad it'll help many of us with ideas for quick and easy cooking! I have an image link in my sidebar for now so you can access it any time:)

Lakshmi said...

wowwwie...I only need to come back to this every time I host a party ;) Gr8 round up!!

Ivy said...

Mansi thanks for organizing this. I couldn't imagine all these great recipes. All bookmarked!

Jayashree said...

Darn...I missed it....:-((
Lovely round-up....lots of recipes to try out.

Archana Doshi said...

Great round up and a sure keeper! I like my party with plenty of hors d'ouevres, this is great place to start with.

arundati said...

whoa!! what a fabulous roundup!! some super ideas for party foods.....i missed this one and the many others that happened the last couple of months!! i've bookmarked a few....

EC said...

The roundup is superb with so many delicious entries...and the game sounds good too

Rosie said...

This is a lovely roundup Mansi and thanks for hosting this event! :)

Great idea re:link for referring back too all these wonderful recipes!

Rosie x

vimmi said...

Great round up and so many exotic recipes to try from.

Katie Zeller said...

Wow, what a lot of great new foods to try! Now I have something to do during the them all!

Namratha said...

Ohh I was sooo waiting for the round up Mansi, I knew we would have all the finger foods at one place..thanks to you! :)Good game!!

remya said...

wow!!!! lots of them....lovely...i'm goin through all dishes...

Deeba PAB said...

Great grub Mansi. ha d a yummy time going thorugh each one! Mmmmmmmmmm :0)

Kribha said...

I wanted to send my fritters for this round-up. But I fell sick and never found the time to do it. Anyway, great job done!

Lucy said...

Fantastic round-up! So many quick and fabulous things to try!

Deborah Dowd said...

I wish I had seen this in time to participate, but what a great round-up! A lot of terrific ideas for me to use on tapas night! BTW, love your blog, I am adding you to my blogroll.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I have absolutely no excuse not to make fabulous dishes for my next party. There are so many here that I love. Thanks, Mansi!

Pallavi said...

Wow.. thats a huge list of options ! Thanks for organizing this.

Susan said...

Thanks, Mansi. This was the best Super Bowl party I have ever been to. ; )

NĂºria said...

Thanks so much Mansi for organizing this event. I enjoyed it and now I have these bunch of new veggies recipes... great!!!

Rajitha said...

great round-up mansi..sorry to have missed it...have been out of blog hopping for a few days..catching up!!

Swati said...

Hi Mansi

Congrats on the wonderful round up...and what a bouquet of lovely recipes here..
Cheers and look forward to many more of such excellent ideas!!