The Myth Restaurant and Lounge (French California Cuisine) - San Francisco CA

A restaurant that wants to hold its ground in the competitive town of San Francisco needs to be something different, and Myth seems to be just that. It features eclectic French/California cuisine served in casual yet elegant surroundings. Located in San Francisco's Historic Jackson Square area, it provides a dining experience inside a landmark building constructed more than 120 years ago, and is conveniently situated next to the Financial District, North Beach and Chinatown. The landmark space has been transformed into a contemporary yet inviting space containing several dining rooms, including a special eight-person chefs table, a bar and lounge areas. Chef Sean O'Brien puts his years of training at Gary Danko to good use, crafting a menu with an upscale pedigree but with a more casual sensibility.

The restaurant can be described as homey but stylish, with a hip-elegant 60-seat interior. At the entrance diners are greet by a host stand in front of wooden shelves with a perfectly framed and lit live orchid; and you can see the seating arrangement to her right and the bar on the other end. The banquettes are covered in Japanese-style prints, and add to the color. The interior looks intimate with walnut-lattice partitions and low ceiling adorned with shimmering waves of gossamer fabric. There are also some private dining spaces for romantic evenings, and of course a central dining area in front of the open kitchen for a more action-oriented crowd.

Unlike other French restaurants, the menu here has a lot of deelectable options for vegetarians, and not just salads.The Asian Pear salad and the Peeky Crab Toe salad were great; the main course features some exotic entrees (Menu below). From the famous Salmon and Trout to the amazingly flavored Veal and Scallops, to the Rigatonni, New York Steak or the Stuffed Quali with Arugula, every dish speaks of culinary excellence. The portions are small (french-style:)) compared to the price, especially if you are used to Buffet-style dinners, so be prepared. The waiters know their stuff and are well-trained, but they are not always friendly!! Though our waiter was pretty helpful, the people on the next table seemed not to be so lucky.

The cocktail and the Wine Menu is so comprehensive, there's hardly a wine you might not find in there! The cocktails are wonderful, and desserts are sure to leave an impression long after you have left the place, Garganelli with foie gras cream and Marsala did just that! The entire menu is flavored with intriguing spices and flavors like fennel, lemongrass, cheese, pistachios and pomegranates, mushrooms and greens, and the dishes come together quite well; full points to the Chef on this!

On the whole, The Myth in San Francisco sounds similar to Gary Danko, except for the lack of quality service every time. Reservations are highly recommended, and the food is a great experience! I would definitely urge you to give this place a try.

Myth in San Francisco

470 Pacific Ave
Financial District (SFO)
The Myth Restaurant

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Anonymous said...

It's looking good from the picture!
Too bad i'm a bit far away.

Anonymous said...

the food is amazing!! and actually, the price is not that bad either...we love this place!:)


Simply...Gluten-free said...

I'll be in San Francisco next week, I can't wait. I'm home sick. BTW "You have been tagged!" :) You can read the post on my site.

Unknown said...

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Susan Graham said...

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