Mango Coconut Snack Cakes

Summer is the time I miss India the most - No, NO, not for the Heat, but for the delicious Mangoes that we relished during the season, never mind the pounds it added to my frame! Indian Mangoes have no parallel, but after so many years in the US, I guess we've started appreciating the fact that we can at least get mangoes in California, and they are of "decent-quality". So to satisfy my Mango mania, I baked these Mini Mango-Coconut Snack Cakes, a healthy, delicious alternative to regular decadent cakes or muffins. Made with whole-wheat, and a low-sugar content, these baby cakes can be eaten for breakfast, or turned into delicious desserts by sprinkling some icing sugar, and maybe some syrup or whipped cream on the top!

Makes about 12 mini cakes

2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 cup whole wheat flour (optional, you can use AP flour instead)
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1.5 tsp baking soda
1.5 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
4 tbsp chopped walnuts
1 cup mango pulp - sweetened
1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
2-3 tbsp sugar (depending on how sweet your mango pulp is)

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F. Grease and flour your large muffin pans or 12 individual ramekins and set aside.

Beat the eggs, oil and vanilla together. When it becomes fluffy, add in the mango pulp and mix well.

In another bowl, mix all the dry ingredients except coconut flakes and walnuts.

Now slowly pour the dry ingredient mix into the egg mixture and keep beating on medium speed. Do this till the entire cake batter becomes smooth and uniform, about 5-8 mins. Finally, fold in the shredded coconut and the chopped walnuts.

Distribute evenly in the prepared cake pans and bake for at least 20-25 mins, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Turn off the oven and let the mini cakes cool on the wire rack for 5 mins.

Then gently turn out the cakes from the pan. Garnish with a topping of more walnuts if you like, and sprinkle some confectioner's sugar on the top.

These taste great with tea or coffee, and as they are low in sugar and trans-fat, they are also a healthier option to indulge in!

These Mango-Coconut Cakes are my entry to the SHF-Fruit & Nut event being hosted on this blog this month. If you haven't sent them in already, I'm looking forward to your entries.

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Snooky doodle said...

these look so good! delicious

Parita said...

Like the combination of mango and coconut together, sounds heavenly to me :)

Pavani said...

Baby mango cakes look soooooo good.. healthy ingredients too..

Poornima Nair said...

This is a great recipe Mansi...the cake looks amazing.
An ur so right abtr missing India for the mangoes.

Kerstin said...

I love mangos too, especially with coconut! What cute little snack cakes, they look fantastic!

Pooja said...

Oh these look so cute and scrumptious Mansi! I'm always on the look out for baked items with less butter. Bookmarked!

Prathibha said...

Nice n cute cakes...

Priya said...

Snack cakes looks gorgeous Mansi!

Sophie said...

How lovely, Mansi!

I love them all!
They look so adorable & fab!

Kalai said...

Yum! I made a mango cake recently, too. Love your healthy version, Mansi! :)

Cilantro said...

Amazing little cute cakes. Love mangoes and this one is very tempting.

The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

I love mangoes, but I also wonder how much better they could be if I were to eat them closer to their source.

Great combo with the coconut in the cake. You are the queen of the simple cakes.

Mansi said...

thanks folks! this really was an experiment, but it turned out great, so I'm happy I got a healthy recipe now:) and thanks for all the appreciating comments! hope you'll like it as much as we did!:)

Preeti Singh said...

Those are sweet looking cakes... lovely combo of mango and coconut.

rekhas kitchen said...

great recipe cake looks so soft and fluffy combination of mango and coconut makes me drool

Priti said...

Those looks so cute ....nice combo too..

Jyoti said...

Like the combination of mango and coconut ...these look so cute !

Anonymous said...

these look so good. could you please clarify what mango pulp is?

Mansi said...

HI, mango pulp means the core of the mangoes, blended in a mixer to form thick pulp; its not the same as juice, just skin the mangoes, remove the seed and blend the core to make mango pulp.

Hope this helps!

Pakistani Mangoes said...

Hi Mansi

this is a great recipe and looking so amazing i will try it today, i love mangoes too much and i love more with mango ice cream and mango shakes, your Mango Coconut Snack Cakes are looking so delicious i want to eat it, i will make it, great blog, thanks for giving me great recipe of mango. recommend to all this recipe to make.

Anonymous said...

thanks for clarifying the mango pulp. i'll definitely keep this recipe to try out when i have the time.

Bergamot said...

Looks perfectly baked and delicious

Richard said...

BAby mango cakessss!!!!!

Oh, man... can I get some?

thanks for sharing...

Richard said...

Why is my post so slow to be posted.. :(