Are Computer Games Good For Kids?

These days, every kid from the age of 5 to 15, is mesmerized by the aura of online gaming. And no matter how hard parents try to keep their kids away from this culture, it is bound to affect them in some way, especially when their friends are doing it, so they want to do it too! When it comes to online games people tend to assume that the only benefits are with regards to entertainment. After all, this is what games are all about; having fun. Nevertheless, there are several other benefits which are associated with playing online games and some prove to be extremely beneficial. From playing Batman games to enjoying football management games – you may actually find that these games prove to be very advantageous when it comes to helping your child prepare for exams. How? Read on to find out. Our guest-post this week is all about the power of Online gaming, and how you can help your child use it to actually help him learn better.  

They help children learn how to work to a time limit 
When playing online games it is very likely that children will have to play to a time limit. This may be with regards to the game itself i.e. there may only be a minute to complete the level of the game in question. However, this can also relate to the way in which your child has to make quick decisions when they are playing the game. For example, a child may need to quickly get somewhere before they are attacked by the enemy. This quick thinking and time management is essential when it comes to taking examinations because children will only have a set time limit to complete their test. 

Improve your child’s ability to memorize effectively 
There are lots of different games which revolve around memorization. Some of the most popular games include when the screen is filled with cards. You then have to turn a card over and try and match it with another card. You will need to remember where all the identical cards are in order to complete the game. In addition to this, another form of a memorization game is one whereby different sounds are played and then your child has to play them back in the right order. All of these little games help to make your child’s mind more accustomed to memorization. Thus, when they go to study they will find it easier to store things in the back of their mind in order to prepare for their tests.  

Your child will be able to think more strategically 
When your child plays a game they will have to think of a solid strategy in order to complete the game. They will be faced with a dilemma and they will have to think three steps ahead in order to complete the game. This process is something which is practically parallel to the way in which an examination works. For example, take a maths test – you are given a question which has components, you have to use these components in order to come up with the end result. There are usually several different ways in which you can come to the final conclusion, yet it is up to you to decide how to get there. This is exactly how most online games operate and thus your child will learn to think more strategically. And as they say; practice makes perfect, thus the more games played the more likely your child will be able to think in this strategic manner. 

 The three points mentioned in this article aptly display how beneficial children’s online video games – such as Batman games and Tom and Jerry games – can be when it comes to preparing your children for taking an examination. Who knew that so much fun could actually also be so educational? Author Bio Emily is a qualified journalist. She writes on an array of different topics; from the best Cartoon Network video to the upcoming online Batman games .

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