Oscar Award Night Thank You's & a Giveaway

People have been talking about Oscars past week, and as the fervor is still on, I thought I'd share with you a few of my ramblings about the big Party Night, and how the speeches given by the Oscar winners may sound fake most of the times, yet it does give you a chance to reflect on who all is important in your life, and whom would you like to thank if you were on that stage, accepting the trophy!
February is the month that hosts a lot of these award functions, and not just the Oscars! Even the international TV channels have been broadcasting several of their regional award shows, and we've been enjoying these evenings with friends, sharing stories, popcorn, and some really great chocolates, courtesy of Merci Chocolates. If you've never heard this brand name before, I encourage you to go and give them a try. With a box full of assorted bite-sized chocolates, all individually wrapped, with the flavor names printed boldly on colorful red, gold and green papers, these would be an ideal gift for a hostess. This package includes 20 pieces of individually wrapped European chocolate candies in seven different flavors. The delicious flavors are milk chocolate, coffee and cream, hazelnut and almond, hazelnut cream, dark cream, dark mousse and praline cream. This wonderful selection of rich gourmet chocolates is made from the finest ingredients available. 

Anyways, getting back to the awards, one of the highlights of these annual star-studded evenings is listening to the emotional and meaningful thank you speeches. But as you watch their grand thank you speeches, it’s important to remember that giving someone a meaningful thank you isn’t just a once a year gesture. Giving a meaningful thank you is a heartfelt way to show those important to you that you truly appreciate them every day. So as the stars share their thank yous, think of who you’d share a meaningful thank you with if you were on stage and consider saying thank you to someone in your life with a box of Merci chocolates. And just to get the ball rolling, we are hosting a fun Giveaway on this blog 

See that lovely gift hamper pictured above? You could win one too - all you need to do is this:

Leave a comment on this post about who you would thank if you won an award ! You will automatically be considered for the giveaway.

You could also re-tweet this post for an additional entry.

As for me, if I win an award, who would I like to thank? As usual, the list is endless. But my parents, my husband and the rest of my family would top the list. And I am sure this would be the standard answer for most of you, after all, your family and partner are the ones who influence you, your life, and its course! But I'd love to know who else is important in your life. So please go ahead and share your comments below, and also enter to win this gift hamper from one of the best European Chocolate maker in the world!

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