Summer Activity - Having Fun with Bonsai

bonsai hibiscus

For someone who loves gardening, I have never really pursued growing bonsai plants before. However, when I received an email from Jake of ProFlowers to review a version of Bonsai Hibiscus for them, there was no way I could deny the offer! I love Hibiscus, and have several varieties in my garden. Owning one of the Bonsai varieties helped me understand the philosophy behind this wonderful array of Bonsai plants, and I discovered that it could not only add an element of beauty to your indoor/outdoor garden, but could also be a fun Summer activity to pursue.

A Japanese art of growing miniature container-grown trees, bonsai actually originated from China and spread to Japan and Korea. The art of Japanese Bonsai is centered on the principle that the tree must give a picture of "heaven and earth in one container". Contrary to what people believe, Bonsai is cultivated, not grown so genetically - it is actually a normal tree that is kept small by continued root pruning and regular re-potting.

The roots of these plants are very thin, like grass blades, because they don't have room to grow and are confined to a small pot. However, they do need more water and fertilizing, as the roots can't suck any nutrients from the limited soil in the pot.

Bonsai Hibiscus, just like its regular counterpart, needs a lot of sunlight. Make sure you put it outdoors with plenty of sun, and yet water it abundantly. There are several tutorials online to help people like us, I'm sure. I have just embarked on having fun with Bonsai, and I have a lot to learn! But I am enjoying every bit of this new activity, thanks to They have several other products for plant-lovers, so take a moment to check out their website, if you like.

Till next time, wish you all a Happy Summer!

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The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Bonsai always makes me think of the "Karate Kid." ;-D During the earliest part of the first movie (the original) Miyagi tells Daniel that in order to properly trim a bonsai, he should imagine the most beautiful tree he can think of, then translate that image to the little plant.

YOu should warn people about bonsai and pets though. My mother bought a bonsai recently. She was out all day and the cats decided i would be tasty to nibble on. They destroyed it and then threw it up!

Mansi said...

hehehe, thanks for sharing the funny story Rachel:) I have yet to watch the Karate Kid, but for now, I'm enjoying my summer activity, especially as the plant is giving beautiful white flowers:)