Magic Bullet To Go - Contest & Giveaway


If you are someone who likes to cook, I'm sure you know about Magic Bullet - the lovely food processor ensemble which can make your life in the kitchen a tad bit easier by taking away the load of cutting, chopping, grinding, blending and more! And now, the readers of Fun and Food Cafe have a chance to win a free Magic Bullet Express! All you have to do is send in your favorite snack recipe, and you can enter the contest to win this coveted MB Express.

For more details, please visit the event announcement at:

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RK said...

If anyone has reviews on this product (based on personal experience), I would like to hear it. I have eyed this product for a long time and in fact saw it just this past weekend. However, I haven't bought it because one friend said it's good for smoothies but if you chop tomatoes, it becomes mush!

Electronic Medical Records said...

This has been talked about as a very good blender...smoothies are very good and healthy and easy to prepare.Just throw in some necessary fruits and vegetables and a delicious treat is ready.

Unknown said...

Are the winners out yet??? How long will it take?

Mansi said...

HI folks - yes the winners have been selected, and I have updated the contest post with the winner names! Check out:


Biryani Recipe said...

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