Top 10 Healthy Recipes - Vote for The Finalists!

I sincerely apologize for the delay in posting this list of finalists, but let's just say, some unavoidable circumstances shifted this to a lower priority, and I'm sure my kind readers will forgive me this sin! Also, selecting 10 finalists from a pool of hundred healthy recipes is NOT a small feat; but we managed to nail it down to ten favorites, and now its upto you all to decide who wears the crown, and walks away with Pam Anderson's beautiful new cookbook! So here's presenting the top 10 healthy recipes that made their way to the finals. Use the voting form to vote for your favorite recipe; please be honest, and choose wisely; its not as easy as voting for a US president - this is the Best Healthy Recipe contest, and it deserves your full concentration!

Dee's Date & Almond Rolls
An intriguing mix of almond butter, dates, sunflower seeds, apple-juice and cocoa powder, these tiny rolls are extremely hard to resist!

Sunita's Peanut Butter & Puffed Rice Squares
An innovative use of puffed rice, chopped dried fruits and nuts, chunky peanut butter and molasses - these delicious breakfast bars are sure to b a hit with kids and adults alike!

Cristina's Healthy Summer Salad
It's hard to make a salad very interesting, but here's one with swiss chard, lettuce, strawberries and cashew nuts , all mixed with a zesty orange and parsely dressing!

Ricki's Zucchini & Pineapple Mini Loaves
A healthier version of a heavier bread, this is a great recipe that uses leftover zucchini, avocado and pineapple mixed with barley flour, dates & sunflower seeds to make these delicious mini-loaves!

The Taste Tinkerer's Masala Muffin Vadai
For a healthier take on the favorite Masala Vadai, these savoury muffins are made of chana dal (lentils), onions, spices, olive oil and flax seeds - very filling, yet low in calories!

Ashley's Healthy Applesauce & Oat-Bran Muffins
Packed with the goodness of soymilk, amaranth-flour, whole wheat, oat-bran, nuts, as well as no sugar and no egg, these have got to be the healthiest and tastiest muffins ever!

Sharon's Summer Black Bean & Quinoa Salad
Quinoa, black beans, red peppers, cucumber and cilantro all tossed with some zesty salad dressing and a hint of butter make this a lovely yet healthy take on a filling salad recipe

Priya's Berry-Tasty Pancakes with Jam
Made from whole wheat and oat flour, berries, walnuts, no sugar and no eggs, then topped with homemade fresh fruit jam, these pancakes are the perfect breakfast ever!

Nags' Whole Wheat Curry Noodles
Whole wheat noodles get a spicy makeover with addition of a curry base, eggs, fresh veggies and some indian spices, making it healthy and tasty at the same time!

Tal's Old-Fashioned Organic Apricot Cake
Filled with the richness of organic apricots, and healthier ingredients like whole-wheat flour, quinoa flour, date-molasses and natural cane sugar, this old-fashioned cake is all set to roll!

Thanks again everyone for your wonderful entries. It was hard to choose just a few, but unfortunately, I cannot afford 100 cookbooks to give away! The voting will be open from tomorrow until Sept 30th; so vote for your favorite Healthy Recipe, and may the best one win! Please visit the entire roundup for more ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Nice round up mansi.

I am hosting an event called Sunday snacks, would appreciate if you can come up with something for that event.

Priya said...

Hey Mansi,

Firstly, Thank you soo much for letting me know about this wonderful event, or I would not have come up on this list at all. The list has the meanest healthiest dishes of all time :))
Not sure how important this point is, but there is one slight variation in the description of the dish, the mango jam I used was a store bought organic one and not home made by me. The fresh fruits were served on the side :)

Sangeeth said...

hey cool i thought i missed it :) ofcourse i'll vote i already selected the recipe ;)great going dear..

Anonymous said...

awesome list! it's gonna be really hard to decide:) all of them look so inviting!!:)


Mike of Mike's Table said...

Lots of good choices, but peanut butter won me over

Anonymous said...

I love the use of strawberries and cashews with that lovely orange dressing in the summer salad! perfect for my post-gym dinner:)


The Short (dis)Order Cook said...

Nice roundup. Coming from a noodle-loving family, I'm putting in my vote for the curry noodles. Looks like it's a close race so far.

Hope whatever was holding this up wasn't major and everythign is okay with you.

Mansi said...

cool, its a close race indeed! now that my part is done, I'm loving it to pass on the pressure to the finalists!:)D

rachel - thanks for your concern gal! yeah, things are better now; nothing serious, just tonnes of work to wrap up before I take a vacation!:)

Anonymous said...

These recipes are fantastic, my favorite so far has to be the summer time salad - Yummy

Anonymous said...

thanks for organizing such a useful event Mansi! the finalists are superb, and so are all the other entries! great job everyone, and thanks for sharing so many healthy recipes with us:)

~Anjali S

amna said...

OMG! i feel like i already won having been chosen as one among ten from so many others. this is a winning recipe though and i have lost count of how many times i have made it and recommended to others :)

Sunshinemom said...

Congrats to the finalists and may the lucky one win! They were all so good:) I just put in my vote!

Anonymous said...

it's gonna be really hard to decide

Anonymous said...

Wonderful descriptions, Mansi ...thrilled to be in the final 10! Thanks....

Scatterbrain Tal said...

aw how exciting! :D Me and my apricot cake are so flattered! haha
I'm really honored.
I've always thought it's a great idea as I'm so interested in healthy recipes. All look so good.

Thank you! :)
Tal Stadler

Cris said...

Hi Mansi, I am so happy that I made it to the finals, what a nice surprise! I love all recipes, but I think my vote goes to the black bean salad with quinoa, we use quinoa flakes with salad here and love it. Take care and thanks for hosting this beautiful and healthy event!