Alcohol - Drink Responsibly or Avoid it Altogether!

Alcohol in the form of beer, wine, spirits, or cocktails is consumed by many people around the world. At the same time, there are a few people who simply do not relate to alcohol in any way, and avoid it always. But like any other social habit, you should learn to drink responsibly, if you must - and if you can't do that, then its good to simply avoid it! Self control is the key, and remember, Alcohol does NOT do any benefit to your health; it may give you temporary euphoria, but so does dark chocolate! so make sure you educate yourself about Alcohol, and exercise self control. An occasional drink at a party or to celebrate an anniversary is enjoyable, but when inclination turns into an obsession, it's easy to become an alcoholic, and believe it or not, that's not an easy habit to get rid of!

Why this sudden post on preaching, you might think - actually, I just about a neighbor who passed away last night due to alcohol addiction. His kids were my friends; me and my brother have spent days and evenings playing with them, and I've seen them take the pain of an alcoholic father. It was even harder for their mother, who was stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere, just for the sake of her kids. They even tried alcohol rehab and drug treatment, but at the end, what happened was sad, and it just made me realise there could be so many others in this world who theow away their lives like this!

If you are an adult who loves to consume alcohol occasionally, you are not at sin. In fact, wine is one of these spirits that has been cited to be good for the body when taken in proportion. However, heavier consumption of alcohol, far from being helpful, initiates free-radical damage in the body linked to heart disease, stroke, cirrhosis of the liver, depression, violent tendencies, and many other disorders. It is important to drink responsibly, as not only your life, but the life of your friends and family depends on it. So don't let a craving turn into an addiction!

Know your limit
If you do not already know how much alcohol you can handle, its best to stick to just one glass. If you are not sure, have a friend or family member allow who can stop you from going overboard. Its always good to err on the lower side, as different drinks have different effects on your system, so a glass of scotch is not the same as a bottle of beer!

Eat food while you drink
Never drink alcohol alone, which is a sure-shot way to get drunk. It is particularly good to eat high protein foods such as cheese and peanuts, which help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system, thereby helping you keep control over yourself.

Do Not Succumb to Peer Pressure
Accept a drink only when you really want one. One small glass is sufficient to mingle at a social party; it does not mean you have to keep drinking till the party's over! Personally, I don't think there's any shame in refusing a drink; but if you feel its a social obligation, stop at the first round; keep a friend with you who can force you to stop if you can't, and don't ever give in to requests for "just one more round"! Better yet, just order a soda!

Never Drink & Drive
When drinking out, if you must drive home, have your drinks with a meal, not afterwards. This allows time for the alcohol to be burned up and for it to be absorbed slowly into the circulatory system. Remember, drinking and driving can cost you way more than a traffic violation; don't risk your life for it! The laws have defined limits, but it basically translates to "not more than one beer"!

Do Not Combine Alcohol with Medication
Use alcohol carefully in connection with other drugs, including over-the-counter drugs such as sleeping pills and cold or cough medicines. Alcohol should be avoided while taking certain antibiotics, arthritic, anti-depressant, and many other prescription medications. Check with your physician or pharmacy before you drink while on any prescription drug.

Never Force Someone Else to Drink
Respect the right of an individual who chooses not to drink; forcing him to have alcohol is a bigger crime than drinking it yourself! Take inspiration and try limiting yourself to a single glass; maybe this will boost your self control.

Generally speaking, alcohol is mainly consumed as part of social gatherings, as people yearn to be accepted by their friends, families or colleagues and alcohol can sometimes help to achieve that acceptance, but there can be a fine line between acceptance and being taken advantage of. The responsible consumption of alcohol is defined as deciding upon what to drink, when to drink and most importantly why to drink. If you enjoy alcohol in any form, ask yourself what are the reasons you do so, and you might not find many reasons to support it, or they may suddenly seem to lame! Use it to celebrate some special occasions, but have a long-term perspective, and do a favor to yourself, your health and your family by knowing when to stop! And if you are a victim who wants to have a second chance, try an alcohol rehab program; remember, you can do it if you put your heart to it!

A significant number of families are destroyed by an untreatable drinking habit; don't let yours be one of them!

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Anonymous said...

inspiring article mansi! yes, there's a limit to how much you should drink, or you'll lose more than your life!


Anonymous said...

it all starts with just one glass, before it gets out of control! its best never to start this habit, as even medication and treatment fails to help after some time. and the person never admits that drinking is causing him harm..that becomes the biggest problem for his family!

Manggy said...

Hah, I wish more people would listen to your last piece of advice! (I don't drink myself :)

Rachel said...

A much needed post..only if people realized before it is too late...

Anonymous said...

so true! there is so much more you could do with your life than waste it away in drinking! there a alot of rehab centers these days which could help, so one should definitely think of getting professional help if you have the sense to quit! we tried one for my brother-in-law and he's now free from this sin!! their family was on the verge of breaking up, and his 2 young sons were a mess, but thanks to a friend who really convinced him to join a rehab, he is now cured, and knows how bad alcohol was for him!


Mansi said...

thanks for your feedback people! it is indeed very very sad that something so small can destroy families!! I hope this post helps at least a few people to restrain themselves from throwing away their lives!!

jenny - thanks for sharing such a story, and inspiring others to see that there is hope! I'm so happy for your bil's family now!:)

giz said...

I'm really glad you created this post. I'm not a drinker so I guess it's harder to connect with those that do drink more than socially. I've known many people who have ruined not only their lives but the lives of people around them for just one more drink.

Alcohol, when used irresponsibly is indeed a sad addiction and your post shows the extreme of what happens when people get sucked into the path of addiction. I also don't want to sound "holier than thou" since my own addiction is food.

Unknown said...

If you have the sense to quit! we tried one for my brother-in-law and he's now free from this sin!! their family was on the verge of breaking up, and his 2 young sons were a mess,Alcohol, when used irresponsibly is indeed a sad addiction and your post shows the extreme of what happens when people get sucked into the path of addiction.

mike vutler