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Parties and Events bring excitement to one's life, and also makes one feel valued and appreciated. I, for one, am a huge advocate of parties and gatherings. I love to plan surprises for my friends and family (maybe I'd be better off as an Event Manager:)) In my hunt for party ideas, I was referred to this wonderful site called Best Party Ever, which is like a social network that helps people find and share ideas on Event Planning, Vendors, Recipes, party tips and more, so I thought I'd share my find with you. And if you run out of ideas or have something in mind but don't know how to execute it, this site is something that will set you on a roll. Online Party Planning Tools make it easy to setup an event, manage vendors to hire, monitor a budget, create invite RSVP lists, and create and manage task lists for the upcoming event. Check out the cool features that this new site offers!!

Before I go into the site details, I'd like to say that this is a brand new site and they have just rolled out an Alpha version. The concept appealed to me, and there's tonnes of features that they are adding, but it's new, and hence is undergoing updates every day, so not all features and functionality is working yet.

Getting Started
Even when you've been planning parties forever, there's a chance you can run out of Party Ideas, or are simply bored with the same stuff everytime and crave for some new and exciting ideas. That's precisely what best Party Ever is all about. It is a social website that encourages users to share and gain inspiration from each others ideas. Once you go and register for a free account, you can create your own profile and start browsing for event ideas and suggestions. You can browse the existing ideas and add them to your idea list, or create new ones. What I liked was the fact that you can adjust your privacy settings so that all part of your profile is not displayed publicly.

Creating an Event
You could also create a New Event, where you will be prompted to create an Actual Event that you are hosting, and which would be publicly available for anyone to see. Besides the description, you could even create an Guest List, send invitations, assign and organsie tasks in a Task List, create a budget and track your expenses. They have a bunch of more features coming up, so we know there's room for improvement. I really liked the clean look and feel of the site, and it is quite easy-to-navigate and search for stuff. You can even save some ideas that you've seen, or comment on them and share your tips. There are some really nice ideas already up there for Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Housewarming and some themed ones like Halloween, Sweet Sixteen or a Superstar Theme Party!!

Searching for Ideas and Vendors
This is the really cool part, and perhaps something that excited me the most! it's easy to get ideas, but it's not often easy to find places or vendors from where you can get all the party stuff. Sure, party City works, but not always! This site has a cool Vendor search, so say I enter "Super Bowl" and search for stuff, it gives me a nice page full of ideas already submitted by others, followed by restaurants, vendors, and other related links. Of course, a lot of this is not functioning right now, but if they deliver on what is promised, I think it would be a cool thing as not many Event management sites offer such a facility right now! Also, it lists over 50,000 vendors including Wedding Planners, Event Planners, Caterers, Party Supply Rental, Restaurants, Limousine Rental, Disc Jockeys, Beauty Salons, and more. So you know you'll definitely find a match.

Party Planning has always been a great business to be in if you have the right attitude and the right touch. This application allows you to take your events to the next level. I think the freshness and colorfulness of this site adds to the party mood; I'd recommend to go and check out this site if you were looking for a new take on event planning.

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Anonymous said...

I checked it out and yeah, it does look good...needs to be a lot more stable though, but its new so one can understand:) sounds promising!


FH said...

Great post! You could switch career and become Event organizer or wedding coordinator you know!!:)

Have a great game night girlfriend! Posted a herb bread and Kodubales at Aroma, great for Sunday too!

Anonymous said...

I've used that site before for a housewarming party...its good for sharing ideas; all the features that are to come look nice too:)

I have an event manager friend who recommended it:)


Mansi said...

Helene, Sharon - thanks for the feedback; our readers will appreciate it!:)

Asha - I am going to give your suggestion a serious thought:) The CEO of this website is such a young woman, I am totally inspired!!:)

Cris said...

You are a sweetie, and you like to plan parties like me, we should have an international party management business!!! Hey, I am writing the post for the game night ok, hopefully until midnight I will be able to put it up, blogger is scheduling maintenance though.

Siri said...

Nice post Mansi.. The tool is so cool ..:D

So, whats up next Ms.To-Be-Event Manager..?

~ Siri

NĂºria said...

Thanks for the info, Mansi!!! I'm checking it right now!

Padmaja said...

Oh yes mansi, I can see you as an event manager!! have a great night!!

Manju said...

i should defenitely try this...since the time i planned my entire wedding, ive been sooo hooked up on using online tools for planning!! i have a couple of housewarming parties coming up..mayb i can try this! thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This is really a cool site...i will go through this now...Thanks very much for sharing!

Deborah Dowd said...

Thanks for the tip! I don't usually do anything big enough to require this level of support but it is great to know it is out there! I used Evite to manage invitations and RSVPs for my daughter's graduation party, and it made things so much easier-technology can really be great!