Almond and Pistachio Ice Cream Pie

I've had enough of my holiday baking, and these simple almond & pistachio ice-cream pies are perfect for a stress-free dessert craving! I came across these mini-pie-crusts in Safeway, and they were so cute, I simply had to pick them up. And though I initially intended to make fruit tarts, once I got home and saw a bag of pistachios gawking out of my kitchen cabinets, my plans had changed. I craved for some nuts and ice cream, so naturally, I decided to go for these no-maintenance, extremely simple yet delicious Ice Cream Pie topped with almonds, pistachios and chocolate sauce.

The best thing about these pies is that they can be made a few hours before serving time, and there are a hundred ways to improvise them to suit your tastebuds. Just follow my recipe or substitute it with flavors you like.

Mini pie-shells
A can of almond and coffee ice cream (pistachio or vanilla would be great too)
whole and sliced almonds - for garnish
chopped fresh pistachios - unsalted, for garnish
Hersheys chocolate sauce

Take 6 scoops of ice cream and microwave it for 5-7 seconds. Take the mini pie-shells and fill them almost upto the brim with the semi-solid ice cream mixture. Line the edge of the pie shells with chocolate sauce, then put the shells in the freezer for at least 3-4 hours.

When you are ready to serve these, garnish with almonds and chopped pistachios. You can get as artistic as you want. I think some fresh red raspberries would also add a lovely color to the pie. Do not forget to remove the shell covers/wraps before serving!

These mini ice cream pies are perfect for small-scale entertaining! They look cute, are ready in no time, and are scrumptious to eat!

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Katie Zeller said...

I'm grateful that the cookies are finally gone and you're still baking! I can't decide which I want the ice cream pie or the pud.... tough decisions! Maybe I'll just have the mojito and ponder awhile.

Anonymous said...

these are real beauties, and so easy! the crissp almonds would be complimenting the coffee ice cream very well, right?! btw, nice presentation:)


Anonymous said...

this is lovely Mansi!just what I need after all thaat cookie-baking:)

Wish you and your family a great New Yea, and keep up the good work on this site girl!


Mansi said...

Thanks Katie - i think I'll take the mojito too:)

Jen - almonds and coffe is indeed a good combination:)

Ashley - thanks os much for your kind words, and wish you and your family a great 2008 too!!:)

EC said...

Looks great...share i have some please

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Looks lovely. Haven't tried almonds and coffee together.
BTW, I wasn't able to read your blog for a while, some blogger problem. Hopefully the problem's gone!
Also, a very Happy New Year to you.

TBC said...

Hey Mansi,
Here's wishing you too a fabulous holiday season. Best wishes to you and your family for a jooyous and fun-filled 2008. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful entry for the event Mansi! nice pic:) I love the way the pistachios and almonds look upfront!