Exploring Las Vegas - A picturesque walk along the famous strip

We visited Las Vegas second time last week, and this time we had a better camera and better photography skills to capture the essence of this beautiful man-made wonder of a city. It is awe-inspiring to see how this luxurious and vibrant city holds its stand amidst an acrid and dry desert. For the benefit of those who might not be familiar with the history of Las Vegas, let me give you a brief introduction about th origins of this city.

It started as a place to gamble for the miners in the desert who stayed there in the smoldering heat day-in and day-out, looking to strike rich. They started a simple gambling group to pass time, and slowly it picked up among the gangsters as Mafia crawled in to build hotels to enable people to gamble with each other. Thus was born the "Las Vegas Strip", with names like Toni Cornero and martin pretty famous in the "Mojave Desert". For a long time, the mafia controlled the betting and gambling world of Vegas, until one day in the 1960's, the famous Howard Hughes moved in here to make movies and started buying hotels left and right, in an attempt to eradicate the Mafia influence and turn Las Vegas into a "Classy Tourist Attraction". As more and more people learned about this, they supported Hughes and Las Vegas began to attract film and show producers, young and aspiring actors, and savvy entrepreneurs who saw a lot of money in the gambling industry. The infamous Strip now turned into a legit and classy strip lined with magnificent, grand and extravagant Casinos which still attract thousands of people from all around the world to indulge in fun, gambling and architecture that makes Las Vegas one of the highly-coveted destinations in USA. For more history, visit here.

I thought it best to describe the famous Strip in pictures, as no words could capture the essence of this artificial wonder! Here are my favourite casinos and a brief view into their world!

Bellagio - Still the reigning King among all the Casinos, and more famous for Oceans's Eleven-the Movie!

Venetian - Undoubtedly the best casino in terms of architecture and craftsmanship. I really felt I was in Venice! Remember the movie The Italian Job!!

Luxor - The casino based on the theme of Egypt! It is believed that there are only 2 objects that can be seen by spaceshuttles from the earth's orbit: The Great Wall of China, and the Blue Skylight beam from Luxor. It is sure to take you to the world of sphinx and the Mummies...oh, did someone say "The Mummy" or "The Mummy Returns".

Ceasar's Palace - This tribute to the great warrior Julius Ceasar is a hourney into the italian heritage. beautiful status of Ceasar and inviting interiors mark this casino.

Paris - The beautiful roman architecture, the arches and curves, and the giant actual-sized-based replica of the famous Eiffel Tower with a revolving globe in blue marked Paris forms a major attraction on the strip. The view from the top of the Tower is fabulous.

Other noteworthy casinos include the "MGM Grand", "New York New York", "The Mirage" and the "Treasure Island"

Hope you enjoyed this picturesque journey along the famous Las Vegas strip!! There are many more that I haven't covered in this post, but I think I've done a decent job of including the top casino picks for their vistor appeal:)

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Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures, and thanks for the history...I would never have known!!

first time on your blog; i like the way you combine recipes and other stuff....food facts and gadgets are also an interesting read:)


Anonymous said...

Amazing!! I've been to las Vegas myself and I think your choices for the casinos are perfectly in line with mine!!

as for gambling, I'm all in:)

nice post!

Sig said...

Ah Vegas.. my favorite getaway destination! Beautiful pics...

Latha Narasimhan said...

Mansi, a lot of people visit US, but never tell in detail about the places they visit! Came to know about Las Vegas from your write up and pictures! I loved all the pictures! thanks for sharing!:))

FH said...

Been to Vegas,loved it. We stayed at Circus Circus,only Casino which has kiddie casinos. None of other allow kids inside at all!
But I don't like gambling at all though,just enjoy all the glitter!:))

Bhawna said...

Thanks for giving us a nice glimpse of a fun city Vegas, its beautiful. Nice pictures

Padma said...

Of course you have done a good job, have a *pat* on your back assuming me doing it ^_^

Bookmarked this one, ocz I has all the useful info about Las Vegas which I intent to visit soon..

Anonymous said...

Hey, beautiful pics and great write-up...I could feel in Vegas though I'm in India!

I like your site, its cool and fun, and of course, the food part is just great! I also checked out your Tech blog "Cool Ideas and Gadgets" :) pretty interesting; I loved the Intentional Software:)


Mansi said...

Thanks everyone, I'm happy I could provide you a vegas experience with pics!!

Shivani, thanks for visiting both of my sites...The tech one is kind of slow, but I'm trying to be more attentive and update it at least twice a week:)

Sharmi said...

beautiful pics! I am yet to visit!