Italian French Toast

Friends, it is fascinating to know how food knows no boundaries or regions, and this is one area in which there's no limit to the amount of experimentation you can do. So in this breakfast recipe, I combine my two favourites- french toast and bruschetta. And who says French toast has to be sweet!! I dare to be about you?? Easy to make and with all the scintillating flavours, I think this recipe is going to rock!!

3-4 slices of thick buttermilk bread
3 eggs
3 cloves of fresh garlic (or garlic powder)
1 small onion-chopped finely
1 tomato-chopped finely
grated fresh coriander
2 tsp dry basil flakes
salt,black pepper and lemon juice to taste
oil for saute

Beat the eggs in a bowl and add some salt and pepper to it. Now take a large saucepan, put 1 tsp oil to it. Then dip the bread slices in the egg mixture and saute them on medium heat on both sides till they become golden brown in colour. Keep aside. Mix the chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander and basil flakes and add salt/pepper and lemon juice as per taste. Now crush the garlic cloves with a butcher knife, then rub it lightly on the french toast bread slicesYou can mix the garlic powder in the veggies with salt/pepper if you choose to use that. Now sprinkle the veggie mixture onto the bread and serve hot!! You can even re-heat just the bread slices in the microwave before serving.

I just love bruschetta, as I'm sure many of you too...And you just cannot go wrong with a french toast. This is a classic example of a Breakfast recipe with a Twist, perfect for a sunday weekend breakfast! Enjoy it with my Strawberry Colada Smoothie for a complete breakfast!

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Glenna said...

Wonderful! I really love the thought of savory French Toast--great job and thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

wow, who would have thought of a spicy savoury french toast!! this is a brilliant concept:) can't wait to try this out...


Anonymous said...

wow, just the fact that it tastes like bruschetta has me going for it!!