San Mateo County Fair

One of the best advantages of living in the Bay Area, besides the beautiful weather, is the tremendous amount of opportunities that it offers for fun-lovers like us!! Today we feature the San Mateo County Fair, which is going on from Aug 10th to Aug 19th 2007, so if you've not already visited it, you need to check this out. (photo courtesy of official website)

This year is extra special, because it celebrates the 150th Anniversary of San Mateo County. (Incidentally India celebrates its 60th anniversary of Independence today!!) From food to rides, concerts to exhibits, and more, the fair is a full day's worth of fun and excitement for as low as $6. They also have mainstage entertainment featuring famous bands like Blue October, Hawthorn heights, REO Speedwagon and more. Some highlights for this year's fair are the pig races, giant BMX bike show, and Lifehouse concert in the Expo Hall. You can check out showtimes at their official website

They even have some discounts and promotions that would make this trip all the more worthwhile. What I was most interested in were the several exhibits boasting of categories like Culinary Arts, Home and Garden, Fine Arts , Floral and Youth exhibits. They even have contests, so if you have something interesting to show, you could win $$75,000!!! Wow, now that's something that can get you there. My husband was enthralled with the idea that the fair admission also includes a free voucher for entry into the Bay Meadows Horse Racing track!!! That's sure a deal hard to say NO to.

For kids, there's the carnival with lots of funa and exciting rides, and when you are exhausted and hungry, the numerous food stalls will pamper your culinary cravings. There are also game-stalls and booths in case your little one wants you to win a cuddly teddy bear for her!!

many people think that if you've been to one fair, you've seen all of them. But I think this one's a little different from the others as it provides entertainment for the whole family, and also because country fairs are a perfect way to reminisce about your childhood and live it once again with your kids!! So go out and enjoy and have a swell time at the San Mateo fair...

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