Shiva's Indian Restaurant - Mountainview CA

As the weekend approaches, let me share with you the name of an Indian restaurant that's my family's favourite!! Its called Shiva's Indian Restaurant, located in the heart of Mountainview downtown in California. It features a varied range of Indian delicacies from every region of the country, and will be a treat for Indians and non-Indians alike! Its not the just the food that draws you here, though food is defnitely a major attraction, but in an area flooded with a lot of inviting foo-joints, Shiva's stands out for their ambiance, food, location and customer-service!
The first thing that catches your eye as you get out of your car is the entrance to this grand mountainview restaurant, especially if you've come here for dinner. As a courteous lady pleasantly asks you to wait as they prepare a table for you, the colourful and psychedelic lights creating an intricate pattern on the entrance floor are sure to keep you engrossed. And when you enter inside, its like "apparating" into an ethnic part of the country. The earthy and bright colours on the wall are accentuated by the matching glow lighting, and the arts and crafts on the walls, alongwith the carved wooden windows famous as "jharokhas" in India create a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is sure to lift your spirits.

And now about the food! The menu, filled with veg and non-veg entrees, is a delight on its own, with a large choice of appetisers, curries, breads, rice, drinks and desserts. Other than the hot favourites like "Malai Kofta" and "Paneer Tikka", you will also find some interesting entrees like "Bharwaan Shimla Mirch", "Dum Pukht Aloo" and "Hariyali Kababs". Their Tandoori Paneer is out of this world, the best I've eaten in the bay area, and their Naans are really soft, fluffy and well-cooked. The non-vegetarians also have a vast range of choices, again not mainly found in other Indian restaurants. They also boast a full-serviced bar with an extensive wine list and exotic cocktails to make that date an extra special one!! They also have a banquet hall for family caterings.

This indian restaurant is a sure hit due to its wonderful location, excellent choice of food and matching service. It is kid-friendly, and though is a bit upscale, it is highly affordable and you would be sure to leave feeling happy and satiated. I urge you to check it out on your own, and please come back here to share your experience with us!

800 California St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 960-3802
Shiva's Indian Restaurant

Shiva's Indian Restaurant and Bar in Mountain View

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Anonymous said...

Mansii! thanks to your recommendation we visited this place last night and had a wonderful time!! your review was amazing, and totally true..thanks again, and will be checking out more restaurants from your blog!!


Anonymous said...

We reserved in advance for a corner table and I proposed to my GF here as she loves Indian food...they had the ring hidden in her wine and the surprise and happiness on her face was just great!! of course, she said YES, and the credit goes to you!!

Thanks Mansi!!


chemcookit said...

I didn't realize you live in the Bay Area! So cool! As soon as I get down to Mountainview, I'm going to visit this restaurant :)

Mansi said...

Amit - glad to know you enjoyed the place!

Jason - I can't take the entire credit, but I'm so glad she said YES!!:) congrats buddy:D

Marta - I thought you knew:) I always knew you were from Berkeley...Shiva's is our favorite place, so do give it a try and tell me how u like it:)

Anonymous said...

best restaurant!! my family just loves it! 5 stars!!!:)


SK said...

I recently went to Shiva for lunch with my 2 year old, and had a very horrible experience! I am ashamed to say there are restaurants with such attitude... We were both very hungry and were looking to seat quickly and grab the buffet. Even though there was an empty table, they wouldn't seat me -- the reasons given were: oh well, i cannot seat you on this table your kid is going to make a mess, and main traffic goes here so i cannot give this table to you ... i was shocked at how i was treated... they actually sent me back.

If you want to be discriminated for one reason or the other, go here .....

Mansi said...

suku - thanks for your input! but we've been to this place at least 5- times, and we'll always had a very nice experience! we love the food and we love the service! there's always waiting, but I do think they run the restaurant professionally..

sorry that you had a bad experience!:(