Chaat Paradise - Indian Chaat place ( Bay Area, CA)

Anyone who's spent even one day in India knows what "chaat" means....The first drops of rain would send people flocking to the chaat places, and now the craze has reached such a crescendo that be it any season or any time of the day, chaat-mania never dies!!! The mouth-watering taste of the "chutneys" (tamarind and green chilly sauces) and the mind-boggling smell of the entire concoction is sure to leave its mark on anyone, not just an indian!!

So here's an ode to one such eating joint called Chaat Paradise, located in a small corner of a huge complex in mountainview. The restaurant is hardly noticeable from outside, yet it draws huge crowds during lunch and weekends simply based on the word-of-mouth of its delighted and satisfied patrons like me. Its menu is pretty extensive with a large variety of appetizers and chaat dishes, and you'd be happy to pick out any one of them from the list. but my favourites are the "Hara-Bhara Sprout Bhel" and the "Chaat Baskets" The paneer pakodas are a great finger food, and the parathas (wheat bread filled with different veg stuffing) are out of this world. The Aloo parathas, Hara-bhara paratha, Mooli paratha are highly recommended, along with malai Kofta and Paneer masala. For a first-timer, you can try the "chaat thali", which will act as a sampler of all the delicacies. Both me and my husband are food enthusiasts and critics, and this place is by far the best chaat place in the Bay area what all items on its menu.

The only drawbacks could be the small place, rendering long wait times on weekends, and the location. It's not a high-end restaurant by any means, yet if what you are looking for is an authentic taste of indian chaat delicacies at affordable prices, this place is bound to find a place in your favourites' list. The owners could definitely try to be a bit more sophisticated and hire better waiting staff. I might not visit this place so often if the food quality deteriorated even a bit! But as for now, its our favorite chaat place in bay area, so check out the menu at Chaat Paradise below. I am sure you'll find yourself going there again and again!

165 E El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 965-1111
Chat Paradise

Chaat Paradise in Mountain View

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Preeti said...

My personal favorite here is the Hara Bhara Paratha and Basket Chaat. Yum!..can't wait to go there again...

Anonymous said...

this place rocks!! the best chaat in bay area!! love the chaat basket and the parathas with malai kofta curry:) as, my mouth is already watering!!


Anonymous said...

we went here for lunch with my american colleagues and they were just thrilled!! so affordable, and great variey and delicious dishes! one can never stop going back again!


Anonymous said...

Could definitely use some presentable sofisticated waiters.

Food is great! Hope they continue to maintain the quality.
Their Hara bhara bhel is awesome!