How to Host a Stylish Wine Party

I love entertaining at home, especially as it gives me an opportunity to flaunt my new dinnerware sets! But in light of the recession many people are forgoing conventional dinner parties and instead opting for a rich but simplified menu. Having come to be known as chic "Wine Parties", guests usually delight in being able to have a more casual get together that isn’t meal-oriented. These new types of parties are not only friendly on the wallet, but are also far more time/cost efficient – requiring less preparation and clean up, they can be thrown at the last minute while still being a hit with your guests. Guests also enjoy the opportunity to sample new types of wines in a relaxed and friendly circle. Hosting a Cocktail party for a stylish and sophisticated evening can be fun and easy, with just a little bit of planning. here are some tips and ideas to help you do the same!

When hosting your own bash, the center of any lively conversation should be several bottles of wine alongside casual but well-thought out platters or dinnerware. Conventionally, platters were limited to cheese, but excellent hosts know that mixing it up with breads, chocolates, and some delectable deserts works equally as well. With such a colorful sensation for the palate and the array of pairings to choose from, you and your guests will be marveled by how easy it can be to have a great time with such minimal effort.

Going Beyond Just Red and White Wines
There’s a lot more to the aged drink of perfection than just red, white, and rose. With the rise in environmental awareness, there’s now a mushrooming rise of eco-friendly wine and wineries. There are three categories of eco-friendly wines: sustainable, organic, and bio-dynamic.

"Sustainable" means that grapes were grown with few to no chemical, fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. This method nurtures the soil naturally, whereas “organic” wines are grown in organically certified vineyards and are made without added sulfites. On the other hand, “biodynamic” winemaking goes way beyond organics by viewing the farm is viewed as a living system.

And as easy as it would be to pull out a bottle of red from under the kitchen sink, fact is anyone that does anything well does with style – besides, if you’re dusting off wine it should be because its aged with precision rather than because it’s simply forgotten about it. There are three basic types of wine cooler storage devices: bottle coolers, wine coolers, and cellars. Depending on your need, either one of these adds a level of sophistication to your party.

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Environment
When it comes to entertaining, some of the greatest ancient civilizations were perfecting the art far before our own. A clean and crisp environment, carefully laid out dinnerware set and wine goblets, soft lighting and some light music will quickly warm up the room as well as your guests! If you are hosting a party in winter, make sure your space creates the ideal ambiance for a memorable evening. While you may choose to use a heater, it’s much more practical and both cost and energy efficient to use a single portable space heater. An electric space heater is far more eco-friendly to use than a central heating unit.

Your guests will likely be in one, maybe two rooms – so why waste energy and money heating the whole house when a space heater can do the job at a fraction of the cost. However, if you prefer an outdoor venue, you can achieve that too through using a couple of portable patio heaters.

A warm heated room serves as an escape from the cold – pair it with some soft background music and plenty of seating and you’ve got a can’t fail recipe. After process of sorting through wine, pairings, and creating the perfect warm welcoming environment, you’re well on your way to a creating wonderful holiday memories without the usual hassle normally associated with holiday living.

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Bill M.

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