3 Rules for Simple Healthy Cooking

Many people are trying to live healthier lives. They’re doing all the right things by making good food choices and getting in regular exercise. Making these conscientious decisions and sticking with them is the first and most important step. Not only is making the right food choices a big part of it, but also learning to cook in a more healthy manner is vital to your success as well. If you are not a big cook or have never really cooked in a concertedly healthy manner, it can be a true learning experience. With a few modifications and tips though, you can be cooking healthy in no time.

Cook with the Right Basis

While some may be inclined to cook in butter or even margarine, this not only offers no nutritional benefits but also packs on the pounds. Healthy cooking means learning to use the right foundation and this is undoubtedly olive oil. Though there many types of cooking oils out there, olive oil is the one that stands out from the crowd with the nutritional benefits it contains. Olive oil is a “good fat” which means it can contribute to a better picture of health by lowering elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Starting with olive oil as a basis is an excellent start to cooking healthy.

Get Creative with the Right Ingredients

You can come up with some real masterpieces in the kitchen by using some colorful and fun ingredients. Learn to embrace vegetables that you’ve never used before, make it a priority to try something new every week. Adding in splashes of colorful peppers, beans, and other vegetables can make eating enjoyable and your dishes look quite appetizing. This will help you to gain confidence in the kitchen and learn to build up your healthy recipe portfolio each and every week.

Use Low Fat Substitutes for Old Favorites

If you are a lover of tacos but feel like you don’t know how to cook a healthier version, go for turkey tacos. Lower in fat but loaded with taste, you can enjoy some of your favorites such as this with this simple modification. If spaghetti and meatballs are a must in your kitchen but you aren’t sure how to make a healthier version, go for whole wheat pasta, a homemade tomato sauce, and turkey meatballs. You can make up your own version of this favorite using healthier substitutes for the main ingredients. The key to healthier eating is to get creative and have fun with the right ingredients.

It's not really hard to change your cooking ways to healthier ones. With just minor changes such as those discussed here, you can easily be eating healthier while still maintaining great taste.

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Just one small comment...it's really bad to use Olive oil on high heat as that oil has a low heating point. Smoking any oil is bad but it's much worse when it's Olive oil...for high heat stuff, it's best to use canola oil or grapeseed oil etc.

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