Eric Nernberg is back at the Union Grill in Pittsburgh!

If you have lived in Pittsburgh for some time, then I'm sure you must have hear of Union Grill, the famous restaurant that owes its charm and eclectic food to Eric Nernberg, the face behind this eatery. Established in 1994, the Union Grill has been inviting food-lovers with variant tastes, catering to their different culinary needs. Well known for large servings of delicious meals made from scratch, the Union Grill has thrived under Chef Jim Dillon. The Half Price Happy Hour, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. every day, and the $10 wine list are just a few of the things that have been drawing crowds to this popular Pittsburgh based restaurant.

However, in2003, Eric decided to leave the reigns of the restaurant in the hands of his elite staff, and head East towards Thailand, to try something new. Here he opened up his culinary forte to welcome not just the people of Thailand, but also the US Marines to the advent of good food. His new venture thrived for 6 years, but Eric always missed Union Grill, which was his alma mater, and also his prodigy. SO he decided to pack things up in Thailand for good, and return back to what he loved the most!

Now, Eric Nernberg is back in Pittsburgh, and with his new experience globe-trotting through the east, he aims to expand the food creation at Union Grill. Besides serving what his customers have loved the most, he plans to renovate and expand the Union Grill to appeal to current crowds and to draw even more clientele. If ou are planning to be in Pittsburgh anytime oon, do take a day to stop by the new and improved Union Grill to see what surprises the founder holds in store for you!

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