BBD#18 - Quick Breads Roundup

If you think you are a pro at baking quick breads, think again! With the plethora of recipes that you'll see below, it is enough to challenge any baker, whether novice or pro, to try a hand at some of these tantalizing quick breads, some that you'd never imagined before! With more than 70 recipes to choose from, this round of BBD-Quick Breads has indeed been a fun to host for me, and this post is definitely being bookmarked. Thanks once again to Zorra, for giving me this opportunity, and to all you wonderful cooks out there, for making this event such a huge success.The next round of BBD will be hosted by Cinzia of Cindystar. So hop on to check out the current theme, and start baking again! And now, here's for the roundup!

Sweet Stuff
Laura's Birdseed Muffins - Cafe Bacarro
Siri's Sweet Olive Oil & Pine Nut Bread - Transplanted Baker
Andrea's Kiwi & Coconut Muffins - Delta Kitchen
Christie's Pumpkin Muffins - Edible Antics
Priya's Chocolate & Oatmeal Bread - Easy & Tasty Recipes
Laura's Chocolate & Butterscotch Scones - The Spiced Life
Michelle's Prune Muffins with Caramel & Orange Sugar - Big Black Dogs
Anne's Caribbean Coconut Loaf - The Dough Nut
Acane's Spicy Tea Bread - Basil & Cinnamon
Sara's Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins - I am a Food Blog
Illona's Banana & Fruit Yogurt Muffins - Bread & Wine
Bharti's Honey-Oatmeal Quickbread - Veggie Foodist
Nancy's Boston Brown Bread Muffins - The Dogs eat the Crumbs
Andrea's Lemon Sour Cream Muffins - Nummy's Kitchen
Harini's Healthy Banana Bread & Cake - Tongue Ticklers
Temperance's Ricotta Pancakes - High on the Hog
Pavani's Whole Wheat Pancakes - Cook's Hideout
Soma's Vegan Banana-Orange-Nut Loaf - eCurry
Poornima's Date & Walnut TeaBread - Poornima's Tasty Treats
Jamie's Sweet Oatmeal Raisin Bread - Confessions of a Gourmand
Priya's Eggless Oatmeal-ChocoChip Scones - Easy & Tasty Recipes
Mansi's Cranberry Pistachio Biscottis - Fun & Food Cafe
Lien's Blueberry Pecan Bread -Notite Van Lien
Glenda's Pineapple-Coconut Bread - Family Baker
Natashya's Peach Mango Bread - Living in the Kitchen
Sweatha's Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Bread - Tasty Curry Leaf
Natalia's Quick chocolate Bread - Gatti Fili e Farina
Emiglia's Elvis Presley Banana Bread - TomatoKomato
Aparna's Honey & Oatmeal Raisin Bread - My Diverse Kitchen
Jude's Semolina Corn Bread - Apple Pie Patis & Pate
Stefanie's Stripe Cat Quick Bread - Eating Real Food
Stefanie's Chocolate Custard Muffins - Hefe & Mehr
Marjoke's Blueberry Lemon Quickbread - Company in my Kitchen
Cham's Lemon Bread - The Spice Club
Idania's Magdalenas's Quick Muffins - EL Aroma De Idania
Zorra's Ultimate Scones - Kochtopf
Pat's Apricot Almond SweetBread - Bread Baker's Dog
Jacqueline's Wholewheat Bluberry Coconut Scones - Toxobread
Pavani's Banana Walnut Bread - Cook's Hideout
Shelly's Banana-Pecan-Flaxseed Bread -Adventures with the Woods
Gopi's Prune & Walnut Bread - Health n Taste
Mansi's Pineapple Muffins - Fun and Food Blog

Savory Stuff
A&N's Biscuits w vegetable Gravy - Reluctant Chefs
Judy's Beer Bread - Judy's Gross Eats
Jaysree's Whole Wheat Quick Bread - Kaila's Kitchen
Jacqueline's Basil Buttermilk Bread - Toxo Bread
Lisa's Cheddar-Dill-Beer Biscuits - Food & Spice
Sus' Australian Bush Bread - CorumBlog
Zaira's Pan Sausage Bread - La Cocina de Zaira
Zabeena's Mediterranean Waffles with Olive & Herbs - A Lot on my Plate
Alisa's Irish Soda Bread - Jane of Many Trades
Siri's Savory French Muffins - Siri's Corner
Cindy's Panini Veloci de Marie-Pierre - Cindystar
Mary's Savory French Bread - One Perfect Bite
Archana's Spicy Pumpkin-Walnut Bread - The Yum Factor
The Queen's Nutty Yogurt Bread - ChaosQueen's Kitchen
Chuck's Three-Cheese Beer Bread - The Knead for Bread
Divya's Savoury Cookies - Divya's Dil Se
Asha's Turmeric & Paprika Luchis - Foodie's Hope
Tartasacher's Almond & Cheese Quick Bread - Milpostres
Sunita's Malthouse & Brie Quickbread - Sunita's World
Dhivya's Corn Muffins - Culinary Bazaar
Jude's Irish Soda Bread - Apple Pie Patis & Pate
Stefanie's Indian Chapati - Hefe & Mehr
Arundathi's Parmesan & Pepper Scones - My Food Blog
Divya's Irish Soda Bread - Divya's Cookbook
Maya's Olive-Cumin & Herb Quick Bread - Konkan World
Susan's Pain de Epices - Wild Yeast blog

I hope you all enjoyed this delicious roundup of Quick Bread Recipes as much as I did. Whether you yearn for a sweet one or savory, you are sure to find one here that suits your tastebuds perfectly fine!

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