Fiesta Del Mar Mexican Restaurant - Mountainview (bay-area)

fiesta-del-mar mexican restaurantIf you are craving authentic Mexican food, try the Fiesta Del Mar restaurant in Mountainview downtown, and I'm sure you'd thank me for it! With 2 locations, one on Shoreline and another on Villa, you are all set to get some margaritas and some delicious and spicy mexican food, which has been modified a bit to suit the American palate. Literally meaning "celebration of the sea", this promises to be a treat for those who love mexican sea-food. But they also have several other equally delectable options to choose from, including vegetarian. With an ambiance that totally transports you to the shores of Mexico, and food that keeps you wanting to come back for more, the Fiesta Del Mar is an ideal weekend restaurant for dinner!

We went to the downtown location, which, by the way, is called Fiesta Del Mar Too, thought I have no idea why that is so! The bright and colorful decor welcomes you to a world that is so typically Mexican. There's a small bistro area up-front, including a bar area, as soon as you enter the restaurant. Be prepared to wait for some time as this place is pretty famous and almost always crowded, especially as they do not take prior reservations. After giving your name at the counter, you'd probably have to wait outside the door as there's no waiting area, per se, unless you want to stand behind the bar! But you can surely kill some time enjoying the colorful decor and Mexican artifacts; the walls painted in blue, green and red are not as garish as they sound, and almost every wall has a huge shark or whale sculpture hanging on them. The furniture matches the ambiance and is painted in colorful patterns too, but has an appealing charm to it. There's another passage where there's more seating, more suited for families or intimate couples. The whole place has a happy feeling to it, if you know what I mean!

Once seated, a cordial waiter will help you with the house specials and the menu, and leave on your table a basket of fresh tortilla chips served with 3 different kinds of salsa, all of which are pretty spicy; the green tomatillo salsa with chunks of white onion, a blended red salsa with a smoky chili taste and finally the traditional red chunky salsa. Everything on the menu is good, seriously, and most meals come with beans and rice or side-salad! We went for the Drunken Fajitas, the Veg Burrito, and the Verano Enchiladas topped with green sauce, which I have to say, was something I've never tasted at a mexican restaurant before. The helpings are generous, and the specialities include Shrimp and Salmon. Entrees can be ordered as combos, which work great if you are the sharing-type. The food is tasty, and the flavors are like a fusion, with a touch of italian or american spices, keeping the American clientele in mind. But it is delicious, and that is all that matters!

You CANNOT go to Fiesta Del Mar and not order a "margarita", unless you'd prefer their "tequilla"; we had the Blue Dessert and the El Boxeador, but I also had the Virgin Pina Colada, which I think was the best I've tasted in some time now! With 100% Blue Agave tequilas, and home-made sweet-n-sour key-lime juice, the drinks are the highlights on the menu.

"Fun, colorful and spicy" is how some people would probably describe Fiesta Del Mar, and they would be totally true in saying that! We did not expect this place to be so good, but I'm so glad we found a great mexican restaurant that's different and definitely delicious. As any other restaurant in that area, this place is priced a little above average, but with bigger portions, I don't think it can be called over-priced. As long as you are prepared for waiting (at least 20-30 mins), do not mind noise, banter and high-spirited atmosphere, you are sure to enjoy Fiesta Del Mar restaurant for their amazing mexican food, great service, and a fitting decor!

1005 N Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA 94043

735 Villa St
Mountain View, CA 94041
Fiesta Del Mar

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree! our family just loves it! and the chef's special salmon is definitely recommended, so are all the margaritas:)


Kana said...

A margarita sounds wonderful right about now ;)

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