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spago-beverly hillsWolfgang Puck is a name not unknown to anyone. Spago Hollywood on Sunset, originally known as Bistro Garden and a favourite with all hollywood celebrities, has been re-surrected as Spago Beverly Hills, the latest venture by chef Puck, and remains to be a cherished dining destination for the people of Los Angeles. With its beautiful ambience, shaded patio with tall trees and the inviting open-kitchen architecture, Puck and his wife have truly created an upscale restaurant in the already star-studded Beverly Hills. Standing the tests of time and taste since 1997, Spago is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of cuisine, standards and style! Romantic yet affable at the same time, and featuring the creativity of celebrity chefs, there's no way you can go wrong with Spago!

The interior is aesthetically done and carries the sophisticated, elegant and warm touch that is a bit uncharacteristic of designer Barbara Lazaroff. At the center of the sophisticated restaurant is the old Bistro Garden's romantic patio, beautifully designed and shaded by tall pepper trees. It offers a relaxing outside venue for a lunch. A fountain inscribed with the word "passion" (in various languages) stands next to a pair of 100-year-old olive trees imported just for Spago. But the highlight has to be the spectacular kitchen, which can be viewed through a giant wall of colorful, etched glass. The dining room is striking, with colorful tiles, vibrant stained-glass windows and wildly colorful carpets. Spago is a place where you can expect to be given the red-carpet treatment; it does not matter that you are a "somebody" sharing the space with the hollywood stars! Original artwork and jeweled details surround the dining room and add to the beauty of the restaurant, which also offers two private dining rooms with a separate bar for receptions and functions.

As Wolfgang Puck's flagship restaurant, Spago remains at the forefront of L.A's dining style. Executive chef Lee Hefter's menu features such signature dishes as the deservedly famous salmon and creme fraiche pizza. Using the finest ingredients and his artistic flair, Hefter creates culinary masterpieces. It's difficult to list the best dishes, but we had the Risotto with oregon Porcini Mushrooms and the famous Sweet White Corn and Mascarpone Agnolotti, followed by the Giant Farmer's Cheese Ravioli, and I have to tell you everything about the dishes, from taste to texture to presentation, was simply fabulous! They have several daily specials with cheese and seasonal produce, and the salmon dishes, variety of salads, pasta and noodles, everything is a classic. Actually, I was surprised to find so many choices on the Menu- there's something for everyone to enjoy! But the nightlight, and also the primary reason we visited Spago, was the classic desserts by Pastry Chef Sherry Yard. I own her cookbook and marvel at her creations, and though the luscious Tiramisu and the buttery Apple Streudel was all we could eat, you'd want to sample every entry on the menu!!

They also have an extensive wine list to suit the rest of the menu. You can easily expect a tab of $70-100 for a couple, but that's pretty competent with other upscale restaurants like Tantra Indian Restaurant and La Fondue, and definitely worth the quality of food and service. You are sure to enjoy your time at Spago, with the added bonus of sighting your favorite hollywood celebrities, and you'll leave feeling culinarily blessed! If you are looking for an upscale romantic and memorable lunch or dinner destination, Spago at Beverly Hills will not disappoint you!

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176 North Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Spago Beverly Hills

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Anonymous said...

we love spago!!! its one of the best restaurants in hollywood, no doubt about it! the food and service is amazing:)


Uma said...

wow, that restaurant looks so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love Wolfgang Puck very much cause they are more careful about making and and their presentation is so nice.

Siri said...

Guess what Mansi, I am whipping up Puck's recipes every week..- 'Straight Out of Puck's Oven' series..:) I love his recipes..Nice post!!!


Anonymous said...

I love spago,It's service is amazing:)