Masala Indian Fusion Restaurant - Danville, San Ramon

Anyone who has eaten Indian food knows that it is characterized by the rich spectrum of spices in which it is cooked, giving the food its inimitable flavor and aroma. These spices are known as "Masala", which is nothing but an intricate combination of different spices used to flavor the food. But Masala Indian Fusion restaurant takes the traditional indian food one step further by pairing the indian culinary techniques with western ingredients to make it more appealable to an international audience, and I must say they do a great job of it! Located in Danville, more like the San Ramon area of East Bay in california, Masala Fusion is an upscale restaurant sure to serve you a memorable dinner.

Masala Fusion is located in the danville downtown area on San Ramon Valley blvd, and has the look of a typical downtown eatery. Quaint and artistically decorated in warm colors with white tablecloths, it is not very overly-done, and has its warmth and appeal. The highlight is definitely the open kitchen area where you can see the chef Rajesh Khanna in action, who by the way, is also the owner. His wife Anu is a gracious hostess, ever-smiling and exuding warmth, which makes you feel quite at ease and relaxed. The low-lighting, small wooden partitions and plants create nice individual spaces, both comfortable and inviting. During day-time, the open glass windows give a nice view of the downtown while you enjoy your food.

The food is definitely the best I have eaten in a long time, and I'd put it in league with my other favourites Shiva's restaurant in mountain view and Amber restaurant in santana row. There is an extensive Wine List to choose from, and a nice menu with loads of vegetarian and non-veg options. All the dishes we ordered were just perfect, and the entrees are served with saffron rice. From tender lamb to grilled mahi-mahi, pepper chicken to mussels, calamari or scallops, the non-veg options are plenty. But the vegetarians have loads to enjoy too! The pan-fried baby eggplant and grilled portobello mushrooms were great as appetizers, and their tomato-coconut bisque(soup) is the closest to indian tomato soup I've had anywhere in the bay area! We were really impressed by their gravies, which had some unique blends like pine-nuts and saffron, carmelized onion and grape, or the cashew and chilly sauce! And their Vegetable Biryani was simply superb; perfectly cooked and spiced. They also have several tandoori classics and breads to choose from. But please notify them about your spice level as some of their dishes can get really hot! But don't worry, a mango creme brulee or a pista-ssaffron kulfi will soothe your tongue and your senses.

Desserts at Masala Fusion deserve a praise of their own. Even with just 4 choices, their Creme Brulee and Indian kulfi is a classic end to a perfect dinner! Their very-well-priced lunch buffets are a delectable option for under $10. They are closed on Mondays, but if spices and indian cooking interests you, they offer Cooking Class & Food Tasting every Monday evenings from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the restaurant for $6. We've already been there two times and I have nothing but good reviews to share about Masala Indian Fusion. You really have to try this restaurant for a unique take on indian food. A warm ambience, commendable food, friendly staff and a unique blend of flavors will lure you to visit them again. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself and see!

499 San Ramon Vly Blvd
Danville, CA 94526
(925) 362-4900
Masala Indian Fusion

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Anonymous said...

we've been to this place twice and the food is great! so are the owners. its the best indian food by far in san ramon area!


Anonymous said...

we stay in walnut creek and drive to danville just for masala fusion! my husband loves the butter chicken and I love the mango creme brulee:)


Admin said...

Fantastic blog, very informative, keep up the good work.

Rosie said...

Masala Indian Fusion sounds a very exciting place to visit!

Rosie x