Cooking Measurements Weights and Conversions

As more and more people look towards online resources for cooking and recipes, there is bound to be some confusion about the measurement systems used by individuals. I myself get really baffled trying to figure out how many cups equals how many ounces, and I thought there might be hundreds like me who probably avoid trying some recipes simply because they cannot understand the measurements. So here's a Measurement and Conversion Table that would help me and you to calculate and convert between the different systems. Hope this helps at least a few of you!

1/4 tspnn/an/an/a1 mln/a
1/2 tspnn/an/an/a2 mln/a
3/4 tspn1/4 tbspn/an/a4 mln/a
1 tspn1/3 tbspn/an/a5 mln/a
3 tspn1 tbsp1/16 cup1/2 oz15 mln/a
6 tspn2 tbsp1/8 cup1 oz30 mln/a
12 tspn4 tbsp1/4 cup2 oz60 mln/a
16 tspn5 1/3 tbsp1/3 cup2 1/2 oz75 mln/a
18 tspn6 tbsp3/8 cup3 oz90 mln/a
24 tspn8 tbsp1/2 cup4 oz125 ml1/4 pint
32 tspn10 2/3 tbsp2/3 cup5 oz150 mln/a
36 tspn12 tbsp3/4 cup6 oz175 mln/a
48 tspn16 tbsp1 cup8 oz237 ml1/2 pint
n/an/a1 1/2 cups12 oz355 mln/a
n/an/a2 cups16 oz473 ml1 pint
n/an/a3 cups24 oz710 ml1 1/2 pints
n/an/a4 cups32 oz946 ml1 quart or 1 liter
n/an/a8 cups64 ozn/a2 quarts
n/an/a16 cups128 ozn/a1 gallon

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