La Fondue - The Best Romantic Restaurant in South Bay

When we choose a restaurant to have dinner, we are mostly craving some good food, but when this combines with an almost-perfect ambience, you surely have a winner! La Fondue in Saratoga (South San Jose) is one such gem that is sure to capture your attention. It offers a unique fondue experience, serving more than 50 different types of fondue varieties. People have called it "Magical", "Indulgent", and some have even gone as far as saying that "It is the best place to have a kiss!!" Now that speaks volumes, right?! All I can say is that words would not describe the grandeur of this restaurant. As its said, some things are best experienced than learnt!

Located right in the center of Saratoga downtown, this is aptly termed as the most romantic restaurant in Northern California. The restaurant is dimly lit and the decor is very enchanting. La Fondue is an ideal place for a date, where couples get cozy in big comfortable chairs, under a ceiling that is appropriately adorned with star-and-moon motifs, and can share the decadence of chocolate. This place is extremely popular, so make sure you plan ahead and make reservations, sometimes they are booked even a month in advance! Like any other restaurant serving French or Swiss food, La Fondue is expensive, and its best to align your expectations and be prepared! but the food, the service, the atmosphere and the experience is well worth the price.

They have an extensive, almost surprisingly huge Menu, with cheese, fruit, veggies, meat and of course, chocolate! For our first-time at this place, the pristine wait-staff guided you through the fondue experience, and also led us step by step through the menu choices. You can either go for the Fondue Combinations, which are designed for 2 people, or choose from the Ala Carte Menu. We were lucky to find a wide range of vegetarian options, but they also have some specialities for the non-vegetarians, and the La Romantique combo or the Wild Thing combo (literally wild animals on this list!) are their recommended items. You are free to choose your cooking methods; we went for the Tomato-Basil bisque and the The Court Buillion. It really was an awesome experience, probably more because it was our first time! The salads are all great too, but the treat of the evening has to be The Chocolate Fondue!! With plenty of delicious flavors to choose from (Amaretto and Godiva are my favorites), this place can get you high! For the Cheese Fondue, we loved the Stinking Garlic, Bleu Tomato and the Pesto and Cognac flavors. Simply amazing!!

La Fondue in Saratoga is surely a class apart; From the rich European design to the colorful and cozy interiors, the excellent service, and the perfect food, this place is truly "Mood and Food at its Best!" And if that's not all, just add some liquor to your meal and you are all set for a luxurious, never-to-forget dining experience. The location offers ample parking, private seating, as well as a great setup for a family or friends night out. Except for a higher tab, we couldn't find anything wrong with this place, and would definitely go there again!

La Fondue in Saratoga

14550 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070
Phone: (408) 867-3332
La Fondue-Saratoga

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Anonymous said...

This place is the BEST!! nothing could come close! and it's so much better than The Melting Pot!!

highly recommended!:)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!:) me and m y husband had the best time here, and its well worth the price!


Anonymous said...

an awesome palce! great food and great ambience...

John D

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

The ambience sets the mood..almost for everything. Good you enjoyed every monent shall treasure it !

Siri said...

Nice write up Manasi..:)


Claudia (The Blog I Never Wanted) said...

Oh my gosh! There is also one in Orange County, CA, San Juan Capistrano to be exact. It's across from the mission. And I have to say I think it's nicer than the Saratoga one ;)

Finla said...

Seems you had great fun. Especially with chocolate foundue.
I love foundue. I do them at home and then i ask my in laws etc as i think the best way to enjoy fondue is with a bunch of ppl.
Manasi it will not be fo you as i do Non Veg fondue. I did once cheese fondue, but i prefer the Non veg.
I would love to do the chocoltae fondue.

Mansi said...

Thanks for all the great feedback about your experiences people!

Claudia - I'll try that one the next time I'm in OC:)

HC - Call me for the Chocolate Fondue pls!!:)

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I am now so intrigued because of your well written review that I want to go and discover this restaurant for myself (with Hubby in tow of course). Thank you!

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage