C&O Cucina Italian Restaurant- Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles

Italian restaurants have a feel of their own, with loads of family photos adorning the walls, the wift of garlic and herbs trickling through the air while the soft romantic music plays in the backgrund! As I see it, italian restaurants are always very lively, and I love the atmosphere as much as the food. One such jewel for Italian-food lovers resides almost on the Venice beach, right in Marina Del Rey in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. C&O Trattoria, the original restaurant (just across from the Cucina) has always been a great hit with the people, but when it became too popular to cater to the growing throngs of hungry foodies, C&O Cucina came to the rescue. This place is much better and livelier than the older one, and you really have to go there to relish the tantalizing food that gells so well with the soothing ocean breeze in the air!

Nestled on Washington Blvd (cross street Lincoln blvd), this fine restaurant is walking distance from the Marina, and has a sufficiently big parking lot. In the casual dining room, a festive atmosphere is fueled by age-old bottles of wine and the soft and melodious playing of "That's Amore" sing-alongs, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. The upbeat mood is enhanced by generous amounts of wine granted to every table and paid for by an honor system!! There's also an upstairs banquet room, which can accommodate 80 people, ideal for parties celebrating everything from weddings to family reunions or corporate gatherings. The dining arrangement is familiar to the traditional long family-meal settings that italians are known for. But my favorite area is by far The outfoor Patio, where you can enjoy the food along with the cherished summer sun of souther california:)

Even before I get to the Menu, I have to say that my favorites are the complimentary oven-fresh garlic rolls that do wonders to your taste buds!! Their menu is extremely extensive, with almost 20 northern Italian pasta dishes, 20 kinds of appetizers, and a dozen other special entrées, along with the grilled menu, which has turned out to be quite a hit! Even the salads are a class apart, no kidding! To mention just a few names here would be an insult to the rest, so take a moment to check out the Menu attached below. In cocktails, "That's Amore" and the "Sicilian Kiss" are interesting to try, and will stck with you. There's always a Chef's Special Dessert, whcih keeps changing, but my pick is definitely the Classic Tiramisu:)

They also have a special section for Kid's menu, and for the low-carb lovers. And if for some reason you are not in the mood for italina food, they also serve you grilled sandwiches, paninis and burgers. The price is reasonable, and the staff is always smiling and attentive. This place has all the right elements, ambience, food, refreshing sun patio, ideal for family gatherings or for romantic dinners and proposals:) Except for the fact that it's located on a narrow road, I don't see any cons for C&O Cucina. It will always be one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles - A walk along the Venice beach followed by a lunch at C&O Cucina, or vice versa, is the perfect way to spend a lovely day!

C & O Cucina in Marina Del Rey

3016 Washington Blvd
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
C&O Cucina Website and The Menu

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Anonymous said...

we often go here for lunch on our way to the beach..the garlic rolls are just awesome! and so is everything else!!! we strongly recommend it:)


Anonymous said...

this place rocks!! we have all our welcome lunches for new hires here:) its a fun place with good food and reasonable price!


Mandira said...

wow, looks like a great place!

Rasa Malaysia said...

I agree, Italian restaurants are always very lively and kinda noisy, because people are chatting, laughing and just simply enjoying the food. You know sometimes you go to some restaurant, even tho there are many patrons but everyone is sooo quiet...I don't like those because I am a chatty and noisy person. LOL.