Bombay Chinese Restaurant - Dallas, TX

Fusion between authentic cuisines has been experimented successfully since quite some time now, and has led to discovery of many retro cuisines, one such being "Indian-Chinese", chinese food prepared with Indian spices. It's a trend that began in the Western part of India and is said to be most popular with younger Indian folk. This type of food caters to a large variety of people, and ranges from mild to hot and spicy. I've always been a fan of a restaurant in Dallas which was my first exposure to this type of food in USA, and I think I can definitely say that Bombay Chinese is the only restaurant in Dallas to serve the best indian-chinese food! If you are in or around the area, be sure to try it.

Located in Richardson Heights, a small food-mall area with a range of eating places, Bombay Chinese is holding its ground since a long long time. The decor of the place is simple, with standard wooden chairs and tables adorned with red tablecloths and placemats. The walls show photographs of tourist attractions in Mumbai(India), as that is where the owner as well as the chef hail from, and the soft lighting serves its purpose. The decor can feel homely for people from Bombay, but on the whole, I think the ambience needs to be more pleasant and soothing, and can benefit from a major makeover. But I think the food is what clicks with the people more, and hence this place is mostly crowded.

The menu consists mainly of chinese-style rice, noodles, meat or seafood, and vegetable stir- fry, ranging from mild and sweet flavors to garlicky, gingery, medium-spicy and hot!! If you don't have a knack for spice, be careful and clarify your inclnations to the staff beforehand, because almost everything is dark brown and bright red, and it tastes as fiery as it looks. The Chilli Paneer and the Chicken Manchurian Dry are by far the spiciest, yet truly appealing dishes. The recommended picks off the menu would be Garlic or Ginger Manchurian Dry, Schwezwan Fried rice, Chicken Manchurian gravy, and Singapori or Hongkong Noodles. The Chinese Bhel could serve to be a good appetizer. In soups, the Hot and Sour and the Monchow Soup are by far the favorites. They also have Sizzlers on their menu, and a wide range of Seafood entrees and platters. Everything is as good as it looks, and the choices for vegetarians or meat and fish lovers are immense! And the entrees are attractively priced so that most of it ranges from $7.99 to $15.00. The servings are large, and most of them can be shared by at least 2 people.

The staff is friendly and courteous, and mostly young. They try to guide you through the extensive menu to help you choose the best dish for you, and most of the times the owner himself would take extra care to make your dining experience a memorable one. The choices for beverages and alcohol are same as those served in other Indian restaurants, and ditto for the desserts, with an exception of Banana Pancake Ice Cream, which was something different.

The restaurant is mostly packed on weekends, so this is not a place for a romantic evening or a conversation over food. The lunch buffets are a good option for people working around the area, as well as party caterer Dallas. Overall, Bombay Chinese Restaurant is a place that will be favored by those who crave for ginger, garlic, chilli and spice! The taste will linger with you even after you've left the place, and most of the times you'll be tempted to come back.

Bombay Chinese in Richardson

100 S Central Expy
Richardson, TX 75080

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amna said...

your blog looks much more attractive now. and thats an awesome review :)

Anonymous said...

I am such a regular visitor of this place, and I love it!!! there's nothing like BC in dallas:)


Namratha said...

I was in Dallas for almost a year and a half and had no idea bout this place...pity I missed it! Will surely check it out the next time we visit..thanks for the info Mansi :)

Mansi said...

Nags - thanks a lot girl...that helps keep me motivated:)

Prashant - I totally agree with you; BC is a hit for indian-chinese food

Namratha - I studied MS in dallas too...better catch BC next time:)

Anonymous said...

the staff is not always courteous or professional, but the food is very good, no dout about it!
me and my girlfriend go here often..their lunch buffet is very reasonable and you get to taste a lot of things:)


Catering Dallas said...

The packed restaurant in weekend says about its quality. One should definately visit there if he gets chance.

Priti said...

Hi Mansi - I went to BC a couple of months back and was very dissapointed with the food. The restaurant has shut down now and another one open in it's place