Hot and Spicy Dalvadas

Bhajiyas and Pakodas are favourite finger-foods for Indians, and one such variation that involves using different types of lentils instead of vegetables is called the "Dal vada". It is a flavorful and healthy combination of several dals, and what makes it more interesting is the fact that they can be easily stored for a few days. The coriander, chillies and coconut and peanuts contribute to the spice and crunch in this dish. It is extremely easy to make and can serve to be a wonderful breakfast or brunch item!!

1/2 cup grated coconut
3 tbsp onions - chopped (optional)
1/2 cup peanuts
1 cup moong dal
1/4th cup udad dal (optional) (You can substitute it with chana dal too)
1/2 cup uncooked rice
1 1/2 cups besan (chick-pea flour)
3 tbsp coriander - chopped
1 tbsp ginger-green chilli paste
2 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp red chilli powder
2 tsp garam masala
2 tsp sugar
lemon juice - to taste
few sesame seeds (till)
salt - to taste

Soak the peanuts in one bowl and the udad dal, rice and mung dal in another bowl - both in warm water overnight. In the morning, take the peanuts and add the grated coconut, ginger and green chilli paste and coriander to it and grind into a coarse powder. Take the soaked mung dal, udad dal and rice, remove water, add a little turmeric powder, salt and oil to it and grind it into a thin semi-liquid paste. To this add the peanut mixture and again blend everything together by pulsing for 2-3 times. Then add all the spices, sugar, chopped onions, lemon juice and salt. Now divide the mixture into small portions. Grease your hands with oil and form small flat vadas out of the mixture.

Heat oil for frying in a pan on medium-high, then slowly drop 3-4 vadas in the oil at a time and deep fry till golden brown. Remove and place on tissue paper to soak off excess oil. Serve hot with Tamarind or Green chutney!! These can also be preserved in air-tight containers for at least 5-6 days. You are bound to ask for more of these tiny-tots once you get your hands on one of them!!

Tip: Udad dal and Rice help in making the vadas softer, especially if you want to keep them for a few days, so try to use these ingredients. You can even use roasted cashews instead of peanuts.

This goes to Margot's Veggie Awareness Month event as my contribution!

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FH said...

I like these! Lot different combo of dals than the usual Chana dal!:))

Anonymous said...

wow, these are absolutely delightful:) with all those dals in it, they sound worth a try, n they look so cute!

Anonymous said...

I've always just used plain chana dal in this, and yours looks so much better, esp with the coconut and peanuts! great recipe Mansi:)


Sia said...

perfect winter treats!! bring it on girl:)

Kribha said...

I love dal vadas. I've eaten only the channa dal ones. This is an intresting recipe. Thanks for sharing.

musical said...

Lovely dal-vadas, Mansi! With cocpnut and peanuts, this must have been delightful. Loved your apple-pecan cobbler too.

Swaruchy said...

nice ones.....a motley of dals makes for a tastier vada :-)

KellytheCulinarian said...

Wow, that's a cool dish. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Peanut in vada is new and will be delicous will have to try it soon.

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome!! damn, its raining here and now I'm very very hungry!! everything on your blog is soooo delicious!!!

wish i could ahve these with my coffee right now:)


Sreelu said...

hmm very different kind of vada. looks delish!!

sra said...

Peanut and coconut in vada is new to me, would like to try this sometime!

Anonymous said...

this is a very new kind of vada - i am tempted to try just because of those peanuts - perhaps this weekend

Sivani said...

We're definitely going to have to try these - the family will love me if I make them over the weekend.

Tee said...

Beautiful vadas! I normally make these with a combo of chana-udad-moong dal. Your ingredients take it to the next level, will try this out.:)

zlamushka said...

Spicy vadas! Aaaah,... who would resist these. Guessing from all the ingredients, this must have been a heaven at your dinner table ;-)

Mansi said...

zlamushka - it was more than heaven, I already have got the request (pr order??) to make them again!!

Sharmi said...

dear mansi, the last date for AFAM is 1st nov right? I am having something in mind honey. will surely participate, went and shopped for some canned peach yesterday keeping you in mind. loved your sweet nagging:))

Mansi said...

Sharmi, that's not nagging my friend, that's friendship....aur dosti mein sab kuchh jaayaz hota hai!!:D..waiting for your lovely entry!

Namratha said...

This sure is a great variation from the good old Chana dal vadas we make...will try them:)