Tamba Indian Restaurant and Lounge- Las Vegas NV

The last time we went to Las Vegas, which was about 3 years ago, we could not find a single Indian restaurant anywhere near the strip!! Not that I need Indian food everyday, but after 3 lunches and dinners, I was craving for some "desi" food and the only thing I found were the frozen dinners in a faraway Indian grocery store:( So this time when we made the trip to Las Vegas again with our parents, it was a pleasant surprise to find not one, but three restaurants right on the strip!! And now I'm going to share with you my experience about the best place to enjoy Indian Food in Las Vegas - it's at Tamba Indian Cuisine, the "Soul Of India in the heart of Las Vegas", as their tag line says!!

We went here for dinner on a Friday night, and since this is undoubtedly the most coveted restaurant by Indians and non-indians, make sure you take time to reserve a table in advance. The atmosphere as you enter the place is hip, stylish and vibrant, with the walls decorated with traditional Indian paintings and bring orange lamp shades creating a soothing hue over your tables along with the flickering candles.The star attraction though is the Tamba Lounge, a beautiful and relaxing place that features plus seating and dining surrounded by colorful and comfortable cusions, a striking Buddha painting on one wall and the same chic fiery color scheme on the rest of the walls. This sure is a place that will fill your senses with the "sights, sounds and aromas of India".

If you can get over the aura of the place and get seated, a courteous waiter would provide you with a binded menu that is fancy enough to go as wedding invitation. This holds a plethora of culinary delights ranging from soups, appetizers, tandoor entrees, curries (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), breads, side orders, desserts and drinks. We tried the Malai Koftas and Shahi Paneer with Naans and the Veg Biryani at the end. The food is not very spicy (though they could make it for you if you requested it), the curries were very tasty, the tandoori items were well-cooked and delicious, and the Biryani was definitely applaudable!! Very few indian restaurants have impressed me with their biryani, and Tamba is surely one of them. The chicken tikka masala is also a worthy choice.

They also have an extensive drink menu, and though my husband did not enjoy his Lychee Martini as it had no flavour in it, all the other drinks we ordered were upto the mark. The desserts were upto the standards too. And for all the extravagance, Tamba did not prove to be an over-priced restaurant at all. Everything was reasonable and we left the restaurant with our hunger and senses highly satiated! Visit Tamba Lounge for more information.

So the next time you are in Vegas, be sure to check out this place. They also cater for events and the lounge sure looked like a perfect place to have your meetings or events, aka "Las Vegas style!!" Do come back to share your experiences with the rest of the audience at Fun and Food.

3743 S Las Vegas Blvd (on the strip)
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(866) 666-0422
The Menu

Tamba Indian Cuisine & Lounge in Las Vegas

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FH said...

Looks pretty good! In NC, we still don't have any good Indian restaurants in the coastal areas.They are all so Meat and Potato kind of people! Specially,Seafood!!
NY is the best Indian food!!:D

Mansi said...

Thanks for commenting Aha!! not many people take time to comment on restaurant reviews here, and I owe you one!! how u doing now girl??!!

NY is great Indian food, but I think Norther CA beats it!!:) seriously, its like paradise for indian foodies here!!

Bhawna said...

I live in new jersy famous as mini India What else i can say..

Mansi said...

hey bhawna, I've been to the Oak Tree Street:), nice food stalls out there...we had the same on Pioneer Blvd in Artesia, Los Angeles if you've heard about it..

Indian food rocks, be it NY, NJ or CA or anywhere else!

Unknown said...

Hi Manasi,
Thanks for leaving a comment, you made my day. read you review will definetly visit sounds like a nice place. I was looking for some indian resaturants online to make list..I too was in vegas like 3 years back as you said there was none on strip. I am glad to know now they have three.
Traveling with toddler this time, thinking to take her to wild life habitate and circus and some shopping and walking around so no gambling. Thanks again.

Rajitha said...

i hear u on indian food craving! my husband was cribbing on day 2 itself for desi khana!!

Pragyan said...

Hi Mansi, Nice article. I had seen ads of Tamba when we were in Vegas 2 years back. Did not dare to venture..but we will next time based on your review. Indian rastaurants in DC metro are ok..they make the food so bland and not much variety. They all make paneer, chicken tikka masala and dosa :)

Suganya said...

Sure I will!

salmanillies. said...

Devan St in Chicago is also amazing. Two blocks of Indian/Pakistani goodness :) My favorite resturant there is Sabri Nahari. If your in the area you should definatly cheak it out!

Pete Codella said...

My wife and I ate at Tamba Friday night and were completely blown away by how fresh and flavorful the food was. She has been an enthusiast of Indian food for a dozen years or more and I only reluctantly occasionally tag along.

However, I was just as happy with the food and environment and friendly service at Tamba as she was. Both of us agree that, by far, Tamba is the best Indian restaurant we’ve ever had the privilege of dining in. Kudos to Tamba Lounge!

Mansi said...

Thanks for taking time to leave your feedback Pete! I'm sure it'll be useful to others, and I'm glad you enjoyed Tamba!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful review! we loved the food and service here and my family was very happy..I also saw your post about Las Vegas-a picteresque walk along the strip..you've picked the best casinos, we followed your choice and utilized our time very well...

A fun trip, thanks to your blog!

-Jason and Family

tanfactoryonline said...

You may also want to check out Tamba's sister restaurant Gandhi Cuisine. www.gandhicuisine.com Las Vegas Indian Restaurant

naveen said...

nice collection