Would Fries Taste the same if they were "Low-Fat"??

French Fries are the most loved food of most people, especially Americans. Easy to grab, tasty to eat, its an ideal snack and a food-to-go. The only thing that might draw you away from digging into a bag of french fries is the amount of oil that it soaks!! But what if I told you that you can now make delicious french fries at home with just a tablespoon of olive oil and 3% fat content??? Would that interest you enough?

French Fries and Deep fryers go hand-in-hand, and it's hard to imagine seeing fries being made in a vessel that uses no oil! I am a foodie who's highly into eating healthy as much as possible, but then, there are some things which are just eaten for their taste, and you absolutely cannot make them taste the same if you try to alter them into "low-fat" or "healthy". Fries, undoubtedly, fall in the same category.

The European kitchen company "Tefal" has come out with a new electronic gadget called Actifry, which seeks to preserve the crispy goodness of fried foods while getting rid of the fat and oil, unlike the traditional deep fryer. It claims that with as little 1 tablespoon of oil you can enjoy about 2 pounds of french fries at home that promise to be crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and most importantly - Healthy.

Actifry incorporates convection style heating with a spinning stir attachment that promises even cooking. Using fans and motion, it coats about 4 potatoes worth of fries in about a tablespoon of oil, which it then re-circulates throughout the fry cooker using a motor and heat. The end result, delicious almost zero-fat fries! The Actifry can also be used for cooking frozen chips, scampi, chicken drumsticks, stir-fried vegetables and lots more. They also include a recipe book with the package. An odourless filter keeps your kitchen fresh, and you can check on progress through the viewing window on the top. Everything except the base can go into the dishwasher, and of course there’s no oil to filter after frying.

While the concept is interesting, and worth a try if it really fulfills what it claims, the pricetag is something that'll throw you off. The ActiFry comes at an exorbitant price of $300!!! That's a lot of money, so the obvious question is: Is this worth it? Plus, would french fries taste the same without the oil which actually adds all the flavour to it?! I think Not. Unless you are a fitness freak, you can easily reduce your fried food intake without losing much on the taste factor; there's no need for extreme steps which you know you might end up regretting. But if you are on a diet, or have been advised by a doctor to quit fats and oil, Actifry might be a good alternative. What you choose is your personal choice, so think before you buy, and settle for something that you would actually use!

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Cynthia said...

I like french fries but non of it is worth $300!

I like the method of Bee & Jai, check out this link. And below you will see mine when I tried it.



Viji said...

Something interesting. Viji

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Gadjet info!

Sia said...

god piece of info mansi. british people r crazy abt fish 'n chips:)

Padma said...

Really very interesting info, but Mansi you first para is repeating, check that out! but nice info dude!

Mansi said...

Thanks folks! and if anyone has used it, pls comment and let other people know about your experience!

Padma, thanks a bunch for the heads-up...maybe I was not fully awake when I wrote this!:)

Tee said...

That sounds like a neat gadget....but $300 is a bit too much...and as you have rightly said...what are fries without the oil ;)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice interesting information! May be it can be used for many other fried items.
Cool gadget! Once it gets popular prices will come down. I generally buy kitchen gadgets instead of expensive sarees and jewellery!

Anonymous said...

great info!! i love these tips about kitchen gadgets on your blog:)

Anonymous said...

Certainly, this is a welcome post. Though i haven't tried out cooking, can pass this info to my sister and mom.

Archana Doshi said...

Hey, do you have these gadgets at home:). The coffee maker, my brother has one of those which you have in the picture. We are ardent coffee lovers and cannot do without our cup of coffee. Personally i like to do with the least gadgets as possible.

I the best gadget for me is my Knife W├╝sthof Classic 10-Inch Cook's Knife or chef's knife as they call it. its my baby and my biggest help :).
Today after a long time, i am getting to sit back and relax at your blog. I mean looking at almost all your recipes :) and love them all.