Amarin Thai Restaurant, Mountainview CA

For all my friends who might think that I am biased towards indian restaurants, here's my choice for the best thai food and culinary experience in the Bay Area. It has to be Amarin Thai in mountainview downtown, and none other could come close!! Though it has several branches at various locations, and we've visited most of them, the one on Castro beats them all. Set in the heart of the quaint and glittering downtown, its a must-visit restaurant for all asians.

The best attraction for me, something other than the food, is actually the 2 seating arrangements that catch your eye as soon as you enter the place. Traditional seating for a family means all members sitting around like a group informally, chatting and enjoying the delicious food, and that's precisely what these seatings are meant for! A group of 8 of us could sit comfortably in a circular setting with our feet dangling into air, no separate chairs, but with cusions to support our backs and the circular table that jutted out in front of us as if out of an abyss, was the perfect height and distance. You might have to come in early to beat the rush-hour if you covet this seating though, but believe me, its worth it!

Next comes a charming waitress, traditional in attire and smile, handing us a menu that would appeal to anyone, child or adult, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, asian or american. Pick any entree from the House Specials and you won't go wrong. The portions are appropriate, the choices are immense, and the pricing is very affordable. My friends loved the seafood, and I enjoyed my Panang Curry with veg Fried Rice a lot. My husband absolutely loves the Pad-Thai here. They have some interesting items on their menu like "Cashew Nut Fever", "Son-in-Law" and "Popeye's Favourite". The drinks and desserts meet or exceed the thai food standards.

The only drawback could be that thai restaurants generally tend to be small, I always wonder why though, so it can be really crowded on weekends and dinner times. So make sure to make a reservation in advance, and ask for a traditional seating, if you have a large group. But this should not deter you from trying this fabulous Thai Food Restaurant. It serves great thai food and I'd totally recommend you to try Amarin Thai!

156 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 988-9323
Amarin Thai Restaurant

Amarin Thai Cuisine in Mountain View

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Preeti said...

Absolutely lovely!! This place has the right ambiance, excellent food and reasonable prices. I ordered the House Curry here and it was severed in an actual "Pineapple" cut in half with beautiful orchids. The food here is the best of all the Thai places I have eaten.

Mansi said...

Hi Preeti!!

Its great to know that my review helped you and your experience can help others too...thanks for your feedback!!