Just Specs or Sushi Specs???

21st century for sure is a tech-century, and gizmos and gadgets are the talk of the day. People are getting busier by the day, there's no time to sit and eat, relax and enjoy the savour of your food, and the talented inventors of the world are helping make life so "trendy and simple", that the gap between savouring and satisfying your hunger has grown even large.... One such cool gadget that I recently read about is "Sushi-specs", yup, you heard me right!! A German designer named Ralph Anderl invented lightweight stainless steel frames with temples (the arms) that detach to become chopsticks (photo courtesy law.harvard.edu). And those who aren't adept at using chopsticks can have forks attached as an alternative !!! After you are finished eating, you can re-attach the chopstics back to your glasses with screws. Hmmmm....And these specs have created a havoc in US, Japan and Europe, even with their high price tags of $300-$400. Wow, and I thought spending $500 on the I-phone would be an indulgence! But maybe not many people think like me.

I'm sure pretty soon this will be enhanced to act as spoon/knife and fork all in one, totally eradicating the need of silverware from the restaurants! What do you say??!! Would you be willing to buy one of those?? And how would you manage to see and eat the food if you had to remove your specs???:) Maybe the designer forgot to consider the alternative that people actually wear specs because they need it, not because wearing plain glasses is the "in thing", huh!!??

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