Green Chutney (Sauce)

Side orders are generally the most tasty servings, and it's so not fair that they never get the importance that a main course enjoys!! But seriously, "chutneys" and "pickles" are cherished in every Indian home. In fact, after I married my chutney-craving husband, I rarely have a day when I run out of his favourite Coriander sauce. He can eat almost anything with this!! makes my life easier, so no complaints!! Enjoy this fresh coriander and green-chilly chutney that does not take more than 5 mins to make.


1 bunch fresh chopped coriander
3 green chillies - chopped
1 tsp ginger-chopped
a fistful of raw peanuts
5-6 mint leaves (optional)
salt, sugar and lemon juice - to taste
a pinch of asafoetida

Take a blender and add the peanuts to it first. Grind them for a min. Now add the remaining ingredients, add water as needed and blend together to achieve a thick paste like consistency. And no, it's not supposed to be as watery as you have been served in some restaurants!!(Taste to make sure you don't need more salt:)) There, your chutney is ready to be savoured with any of the snacks found here

Tip: You can freeze and store the thick chutney for as long as 12-15 days. Thaw it in the microwave before using. Add a little water and you are ready to go!

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TasteTV said...

sounds like the makings of a cookbook topic

Chef Jeena said...

Hey there Mansi Desai I don't really make chutneys but your coriander dish looks great and sounds quite simple to make I may give it a go for my hubby too. :)

p.s I have edited your link to food and fun. :)

Mansi said...

Jeena, you can just call me Mansi, no need for the full name honour:)..and the chutney is really simple and extremely tasty, so go for it and lemme know how your husband likes it:)

TasteTV- great site and endeavour; I'm gonna join sooooon

Anonymous said...

wow, this looks simple and tasty!

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Sacla coriander pesto have very similar ingredients and you can buy it almost everywhere, I used it yesterday on grilled bread, served with carrot soup, I will post recipe soon...

Very good idea with those bread baskets, I have seen something similar couple of days ago on some food channel.

Have a great weekend, Margot