Bread Rolls

Hey guys, the summer is still on in California, and so's the season of summer picnics and beach baskets. And what are the first 2 food items that come to mind when you are ready to pack something in a jiffy??? yup, Bread and Potatoes!! So here's a simple yet filling recipe that'll be an asset to your food baskets. And also a perfect snack for the kids when they come home after winning a game!!

Bread slices (1 slice for each roll), boiled and mashed potatoes, finely chopped garlic and green chillies, finely chopped onions, salt and lemon juice to taste, 1 tsp each of garam masala, turmeric powder, oil for frying

Mash the boiled potatoes and add all the above ingredients and mix well. Now take a slice of bread (do not remove sides) and dip in a bowl of water. remove immediately and press between palms of your hand gently to remove the water. This makes the bread soft enough to fold and shape it. Now place a huge heap of the potato mixture in the centre of the bread and roll over the sides to cover the mixture, forming oblong rolls. Make as many rollsa s you like and keep the plate full of rolls in the referigerator for 5 mins so that excess moisture evaporates. Meanwhile, heat some oil in the frying pan on high heat. Then lower the heat and add a small piece of bread in it to bring down the oil temperature. Remove the rolls from the fridge and fry them 2 pieces at a time till golden brown. Do not turn them over immediately as they can break. Fry over medium heat so its cokked through and through, and serve hot with ketchup!!

You can also referigerate the rolls and preserve them for 2-3 days. Just microwave them and they are ready to eat!! Who says great tasting food needs a lot of time to prepare???

Tip: Another variation for this dish is to dip the rolls in besan (chick-pea flour mix with salt, turmeric powder and red chilly powder mixed with water to achieve thick consistency to coat the rolls) and fry them as above to make Bread Pakodas. Wow, that's 2 recipes in one - nice catch!!!

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