Learning Made Easy!!

Cooking is an art and an outcome of a lot of fun experiments! But sometimes, given the vast variety of dishes available, it helps a lot if you actually see someone making something you've never made before, but would love to try. This section on Food Videos is an attempt to help make your cooking experience easier and more fun!! We'll try to update these every week, so keep coming back !!

Baking - Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Video courtesy of "Foodwishes"

Breads - Aloo Parathas

Video courtesy of "show me the curry"

Microwave Cooking - Chana Masala

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Unknown said...

keep it up!..dis is a really nice way to learn up for beginners like us,who just begun to lay their hands -on -good cooking...

Unknown said...

Keep up d gud work...Nice way to encourage and motivate EZ' cooking for new housewives like us-NF.rizvi