20 Best Local Restaurants in United States

How many times ina week do you eat outside? Most people would vote for more than 3 times a week, and with the growth of chain restaurants available to satisfy your food cravings, it becomes hard, and a bit challenging to find local eateries that still keep up to their promise of providing fresh and unique recipes that you won't find at a chain restaurant. I recently came across this infographic from YellowPages.com which shows the Top 20 Local Restaurants in different states, and while I was sad that San Francisco came at #20, it was no surprise that New York topped the chart. Take a look to see if your city has made the cut, and also discover the Best Local restaurant in your state.

top local restaurants

Do you see any benefit of eating local?? and what are some of your favorite eateries out there which deserve a shout-out? Share with us so others in your city can also discover some fresh food that's locally grown and made!

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