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halloween recipes

Halloween is a time that's often associated with sugary snacks like chocolate and candy, which can leave your kids wired on sugar and without the nutrition they need. However years of studying at an online university has taught me that just because a snack is healthy doesn't mean it has to be boring, remotely expensive or take a bunch of time to make.

Halloween provides the perfect time to sneak in healthy food items in creative ways. Your kids will have so much fun creating and eating these snacks, they won't even care they are eating fruits, veggies and whole-grains. These few examples are just a start to the many different snack options you can come up with by simply using your imagination and getting in the Halloween spirit!

Apple Bites
These apple bites look like they can bite back, but provide the healthy vitamins and fiber from the apples, as well as the important protein from the almonds.

* First, take an apple of any kind and slice it into quarters. Be sure to remove the core and seeds from each quarter.
* Dunk the apple in a quick bath of lemon juice to prevent the apple from browning.
* Lay the apple quarter on a plate with the peel facing you.
* Cut a wedge from the skin side to create the look of an open mouth.
* Take slivered almonds and stick them into the top and bottom of the wedge all the way across to create the look of “jagged” teeth.

Ghost Toasts
A simple slice of bread and cream cheese spread can quickly become a ghostly snack by using a ghost cookie cutter. Use whole-grain bread and trade out full-fat cream cheese for low-fat or fat-free versions.

* Press a ghost-shaped cookie cutter against the bread firmly until it cuts through to the plate, and lift away.
* Take a knife and spread a light coating of cream cheese over the bread.
* Add two raisins for eyes and a third for a moaning mouth. To make this recipe even healthier, use a whole grain bread for additional fiber and nutrients, and trade out regular cream cheese for a low-fat or fat free version. You can take this idea even further by using any Halloween cutter to shape any piece of bread. Cut out two of the same shapes for making a sandwich, or keep it open faced and decorate with sliced almonds, dried fruits, cut up cheese, or any other favorite topping.

Eerie Eyeballs
Turn dried fruit into eerie eyeballs by simply layering apple rings, dried apricots and raisins on top of each other.

* Take your dried apple ring and place on a clean cutting board. Take the palm of your hand and place pressure on the ring to help make it flat.
* Next, take a dried apricot and slice it in half.
* Take the sticky side of the half and place it over the hole in the apple ring.
* Take a pair of clean kitchen sheers and cut a raisin in half.
* Place the sticky side of the raisin down on the apricot half. This will create the effect of a spooky eyeball.

For a potassium rich snack, try making these! If you want, you can also throw these in the freezer for a frozen snack when your kids get home from school!

* Peel a ripe banana. Cut the banana in half and dip it in a glass of orange juice.
* Move the banana directly from the glass to a zip lock bag full of coconut shakes. Shake the bag gently until the banana is completely covered in coconut.
* Press two currants into the banana towards the top and stick a few chocolate chips for the eyes. and stick on a Popsicle stick for easier eating.

As you can see, including healthy snacks this October into your kids' meals can be quick and easy-- while still providing a fun holiday snack time experience. Even if your children still go out and trick or treat, or take part in other holiday goodies, you can rest assured in knowing that your children are still getting healthy snacks along the way!

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