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After living in Dallas for around 2 years, you get to know the good and bad about restaurants pretty soon, because unlike the Bay Area, there aren't too many good choices out there. So if you are in or around the area, and are craving for Mexican food, then check out Mattitos, a fun and friendly Mexican restaurant Dallas that will satiate your cravings for authentic Tex-Mex food.

Like any other food lover, I turned to Yelp to look for better-than-average Mexican restaurants in Dallas, and Mattitos indeed had some rave reviews. As we visited their Uptown Dallas location, we found that their decor is warm and colorful, just how you'd expect a Mexican restaurant to be, and you'll be greeted by nice and friendly staff who will answer your queries without rush. The food is totally another story. Their Menu is large and extensive, especially their Lunch specials. They have a large variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options; no wonder they are a favorite party caterer Dallas. And don't forget to order something from their Drinks Menu - their award-winning Cocktails are out-of-this world, and your visit would be incomplete without trying one of them.

Their Sunday Brunch menu is another good choice, from appetizers to main course as well as a dessert, you'll get to taste everything, so it is perfect for family brunches. Mattitos also provides affordable and cheap banquet halls, so check them out if you are planning an event around the area.

With good food, lots of options, affordable prices, and a family-friendly environment, there are a lot of things that work in favor of this authentic Tex-Mex eating harbor. We enjoyed our visit, and I am sure you will too - after all Yelpers can be trusted for their reviews most of the time!

Mattitos Tex-Mex Restaurant
3011 Routh Street (At Cedar Springs)
Dallas, Texas 75201
(P) 214-526-8181

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