Self Storage Locations Are Your Best Friends While Moving!


We recently moved into our new home, in fact, out First Home - Yippeee!! and though things are still scattered all around, I fell happy, excited, and a lot less tense, because instead of dunking every piece of furniture, clothing and equipment in the new place, we took advice from our friends and rented a Self Storage Location that will hold all our stuff until we decide what goes where!

I'm sure you have a list of Things to Do before you actually Move. Moving can be a very stressful process, but with a little bit of planning, some help from friends and family, and a clear process of how you are going to tackle the move, you can make this a peaceful and stress-free adventure. One of the topmost concerns while moving is packing and relocating all your stuff to the new place. Yes, you can hire Movers who will do this for you, under your supervision, of course, but most of the times, the new place is not completely ready to take the brunt of all your stuff. And believe me, even if you stay in just a one-bedroom apartment, you'll be amazed at home much stuff you gather over time and dunk it in your closet! you might not even know you had these things, until they show their existence during the process of packing and moving. In my personal opinion, your best bet in such circumstances is to rent a Self Storage Location and move all your not-so-important stuff in there, until you have arranged all the other things in the new place, and have figured out where everything else will go.

Self-storage option can be less expensive if you expect to need it for a number of months Or if you have only a few items to store. Traditionally, self-storage facilities require you to bring your property to them. Because their primary business is self-storage, they tend to offer a better product and more flexibility. However, they can be less convenient because they require you to bring your property to them. Here are a few things to consider before deciding on whether this is right for you:

Understand the cost structure. Almost all self-storage facilities offer the first month free. What's the cost after that? is the rate guaranteed?
Is there a security deposit?
What are the late fees?
When can you access your storage facility? Is it closed on weekends, if yes, then that might not be your best bet.
Do you need to insure the goods yourself? Some homeowners policies may cover property that you put in storage.
How large a space do you need?

All these are valid questions to ask before you hone in on a storage company. Another option is on location self-storage. These companies bring mini-storage sheds, also known as PODS (Portable On-Demand Storage) to your house--you fill them up and they take them to their storage facility. While it's a neat concept, it can be a little tricky to coordinate with a larger move. These are great if you're only moving a short distance, though. But there are some that you can rent the PODS and leave them on your new facility itself. that way, you ahve access to it 24/7, and can slowly shuffle out things as you find space to arrange them in your new space.

Almost everyone I know hates Moving, because it takes up a lot of your time and energy, not to mention the million other things you need to take care of, before your Move is complete. Self Storage locations can help you take off some part of the pain associated with moving. I know it helped us, and I'm sure it could help you too, so give them a serious thought to enable a less stressful move that you had imagined!

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