Point Reyes National Seashore- Exploring a more pristine Camping location

Camping season is still on in full swing in California, and with more and more people flocking to the famous locations, the true outdoor enthusiasts are finding it harder than ever to find a scenic yet less-crowded camping site. So to honour requests from some of my readers, I'm happy to introduce you to another breath-takingly beautiful and awe-inspiring place called Point Reyes. Its a name known to most Californians, yet this is for the benfit of those who have not yet experienced the scenic beauty and fresh sea-water fragrance of this place.

Located off Highway 101 near Olema village, about 35 miles from San francisco, this place has everything for a perfect outdoor adventure. We went camping for a couple nights, and got a site in The Meadows, close to Olema Ranch. This site is more family-friendly, as it has a village close-by, water and RV facilities, and an inn nearby if you need some fresh hot pancakes!! hmmm, something to consider, definitely!! Pt. Reyes has everything to keep you engaged- camping, hiking trails, best kayaking spots, horse-riding, historical shows, bird watching and animal sighting.

For historians, this peninsula is unique as it has been traveling for millions of years on the Pacific plate. At this time it is adjacent to Marin county that is part of the North American plate. The boundary between these two plates is the San Andreas fault. There is a Lighthouse at the base of the rock formation, and make sure you take a jacket with you when you walk down to the base as its extremely windy and chilly, be it any time of the year. For those interested in more history, visit Pt.Reyes-Historical Significance for details.

We absolutely loved the Kayaking part!! The best launch spots within the park are Millerton Point, on the east side of Tomales Bay, and Hearts Desire, but call ahead or check for "low-tide" days and times though. From January to March, elephant seals are breeding and can be observed from the park, while Harbor Seals pup from March to June. And guess what!! You can now do whale-watching without geting into a boat or going out into the middle of the sea....From December through May, watch the migration of California gray whales from the Point Reyes Lighthouse and Chimney Rock areas. In late April and early May, if yur are luck you may see young whales close to shore with their mothers.

The scenic view of the shoreline, and the clean pristine air is sure to make you feel close to nature. If you are anywhere around Norther California, DO NOT miss visiting this gem of a place! Pt.Reyes is undoubtedly one of the most scenic and pleasant camping locations or day trip locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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