What colour does your Coffee Lid boast today?

The daily dose of caffeine that lies on everyone's desk unnoticed has now been revolutionized!! I recently read an article in a business magazine which was titled "Coffee gets a colour correction" and it spoke about a new innovation from a Sydney-based company called Smart Lid Systems. It has come out with a new genre of coffee lids which act as "mood rings" for your caffeine. It changes colour with the temperature of your beverage, boasting a bright Red when its too hot to handle, and a calm deep and rich Mocha Brown when its just perfect!! It also shows a mottled red when the lid is not properly secured to the cup.... Wow, can you believe that???!!!

Apparently, its not just "chick and cool", but an efficient safety measure too, and priced at just 5c a piece, the coffee-lovers are creating a huge demand for these not just in Australia, but in US and UK markets too. And these are not the only gadget-gizmos honouring this beverage. There are gifts like "Auto-Stirrer Coffe mugs" and temperature-sensing mugs too which maintain the heat or coolness of your drink as long as you like it. Its like an electronic butler, who would ask for anything else???

Well, as I get back to enjoy my cup of caffeine for the day, you can comment about this post and tell me what you think. Also, if you have a new idea related to food or an interesting venture, email me and I'll be glad to post an article for you. After all, a great idea can be born from a "burning" need, right??

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truth said...

Sigh. What happened to the days of drinking a good ol' cup of black coffee at the local diner for a dime? (Does this give away my age?)

It's nice to meet you.

narendra.s.v said...

well i wont drink coffee

Mansi Desai said...

Hi truth, nice meeting you too...and don't worry, u can still drink an old-fashioned coffee, as long as you don't burn yourself!

Keep coming back for more such stuff!


minal said...

I get a headace so i dont drink coffee.

Anonymous said...

well .. honestly this reminds me of my ex-gf... she used to change colors too as per her temperature n... since she turned to be a perinnial red.. hd to drop..... it burned!!! ooooooooooooops

Gaje Master said...

I should get my husband one of these. He has a bad habit of burning his mouth and then running around like a little girl trying to cool it off. lol. What else will they come up with. Great post though.