Celebrating something that stinks!!!- Gilroy Garlic Festival

Few herbs or plants would share the glory that is bestowed upon this king of spices which stinks!! Yup, I'm speaking about none other than our dear friend "Garlic", and how it deserves a 3-day long celebration at Gilroy CA, the largest producer of quality garlic in California.

For anyone who's not heard about the Garlic Festival at Gilroy, its held on the last full weekend in July every year by a non-profit organization to support charity work in the town of Gilroy. You'll find more than 2-3 tonns of fresh garlic in that area that day, making it a garlic-lover's dream destination. The festival boasts of 3 stages of musical entertainment, various arts and crafts booths, a nic children's are, interactive displays about the herb, some fine wine-tasting booths, and rows and rows of booths brandishing garlic food entrees ranging from appetisers to main course to desserts!!! yes, you heard it right, the Vanilla Garlic icecream is sure to cath your attention, as it did mine....They also have a Garlic Cook-Off Contest featuring authentic and out-of-this-world garlic recipes. But what surprised me the most was the Miss Gilroy Garlic contest, and fortunately, it wasn't based on who smelt the most like garlic:), but is judged like any other pageant.

This might not be a place for vegetarians who cannot taste most of the dishes, or for people who cannot stand the strong smell of garlic for more than a few minutes. But most people have commented on this with words like "Fragrant and Intoxicating"


So give it a try and plan to visit it next year if you missed this one, and for people who've already been there, please comment on this post to let others know your reviews about this Gilroy Event.

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truth said...

I love garlic and would love to go! Now if I could find and onion/garlic festival, I'd be in heaven.